6 Must Read Research Studies On Blended Learning

6 Must Read Research Studies On Blended Learning

Blended learning is one of the fastest growing sectors of education. 

But educators do not know if blended learning approach will have positive impact on student learning. Put simply, this is one of the biggest criticism the educator have regarding blended learning.

Blended learning is more than a trend. There is a growing and collective acceptance to the fact that blended learning is indeed going to be the way of the future.

Leaders may agree to this fact but when it comes to implementation of such an approach, what holds them back? Is it the knowledge about the approach or evidence on what is the outcome of blended learning on student learning?

Going by what an article in EdSurge on the same topic reflects and also by what schools that has applied blended learning, one gets a clear idea that different schools have a distinct way of applying blended learning. It therefore makes it imperative for the leaders of the school and colleges to dig deeper into knowing what a good blended learning program is all about and what its contrary is.

With researchers diving deep into studying the impact of blended learning over face to face learning approach, some interesting facets have come to light in this regard. Researchers take up a closer look on the efficacy of this method of learning. The findings of the study do not either glorify blended learning approach nor does it dishonor traditional face-to-face learning process.

The individual study on blended learning program are a must read for education leaders as they offer valuable information to the educators on correct implementation of blended learning and personalized learning models. These studies have found a big impact and seen modest gains in the learning outcomes using the blended learning programs and also learn how blended learning can be used sustainably to best support teachers.

Summary of Six Best Research Work on Blended Learning Programs

1. 2016-17 Blended Learning Pilot Report

This study conducted by the Tennessee Department of education (DOE) summarizes certain vital findings and also recommended an in-depth examination of the factors which could lead to successful implementation. The research highlights visible results of blended learning on areas -an increase in student outcome, differentiation of content for students, change of student buy-in and ownership of their learning during lessons, factors that led to successful implementation of blended learning.

Analysis of data on the mentioned parameters showed small gains in each of the area by applying blended learning programs. Besides, knowing just about the findings of the research, the final section of the report contains valuable recommendations for implementing blended learning. This section is a valuable slice of advice for all the leaders who wish to ramp up blended learning programs in their institution as well as for those who are looking to apply this approach.

Click here to refer to the research study.

#Research 2- Evaluating Improvement in Student Learning with Tutoring Software

Success of blended learning can be achieved by combining different instructional models, teaching practices and digital tool. Thus researchers of RAND Corp-funded by the US Department of Education examined a popular algebra blended learning program called the Cognitive Tutor Algebra 1. On the first year of the study, researchers found no significant results. However, in the second year, they found a significant improvement in students learning, say by 8 percentile points.

Click here to refer to the research study.

#Research 3- Blended Learning Report.

This research study was conducted by SRI International and is from Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. This research was conducted in 13 low income charter schools using the rotation model of Blended learning. Researchers had found consistency among how the schools implemented the model.

This comprehensive report is worth considering because; it reflects valuable insight on areas such as- teacher satisfaction, student productivity and use of data to inform instruction.

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#Research 4- Is Supporting Student Success with Time & Technology Effectual?

This research study was released by the National Center on Time & Learning. It is worthwhile to consider this study because, it guides educators as well as districts in highlighting six schools pairing blended learning and extended learning. The case studies mentioned in the report is worth reading for it offers detailed understanding on the technologies used in the schools, the instructional models in place as well as the software which had turned out to be effective in this regard.

Click here to refer to the research study.

#Research 5- Personalized Instruction: New Interest, Old Rhetoric, Limited Results and the Need for a New Direction for Computer Mediated Learning

It is a research released by the National Education Policy Center in the year 2013. The report is balanced as it brings forth cases where personalized learning has turned up to be successful and also cases where it failed. This report also highlights some valuable strategies for effective personalized learning and says a combination of tech-based and person-to-person instruction showing the greatest potential academic benefits.

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#Research 6- Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies

This research is conducted by SRI International for the US Department of Education in 2010. The analysis in this study looks at various dimensions from 1996 through 2006 and ultimately finds that students in blended learning classes outperformed those in fully online or fully in-person classes. Most of the study examination involves college students or adult professional students, not K12 Learners.

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We recommend you to have a look at various reports and research studies to understand the best of both digital and in person learning. It is also vital to have a strong vision to implement best of strategies in education and certainly research studies does help in offering valuable information regarding any new concept. We hope, the reports mentioned above will therefore prove to be valuable assets for the institution leaders considering how one can use blended learning programs

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