Top 50 Edutech Tools in Higher Education Report

The Top 50 Edutech Tools in Higher Education Report identifies top 50 edutech tools for colleges and universities along with essential information on the edutech market and its growth. The report aims to be an edtech guide for higher education educators, leaders and administrators.

Our aim through this report is to bring quality research and understanding on the global edutech market & forward looking practices; and also together explore current and emerging technology trends that are changing the landscape of today’s higher education institution. It is our hope that this collaborative effort between the ASMA and EdTechReview will help institution leaders to stay abreast of the edtech tools and provide them with the different choices for their technology needs to improve learning, teaching and management in higher education.

We all have been hearing about future ready colleges and universities focused on learning in a digital age and preparing students for the world of today and of the future; but how institutions can make this happen in partnership with various edtech companies is what we want to share through our report.

Why this report?

The adoption of technology and innovative practices is already transforming teaching, learning and management at colleges and universities across the globe. To be a leader in education right now requires the acquisition of deep understanding of a new day for learning and the ability to teach and inspire others towards that new paradigm. The challenges of embedding 21st century knowledge and skills are great but here’s where technology can play a great role.

Future ready institutions are those which are focused on learning in a digital age and preparing students for the world of today and of the future. The culture of these real world ready institutions is based on building a leadership team, establishing a coherent vision for change, developing a systematic action plan, modeling for leaders efficient ways to leverage digital tools to increase effectiveness, and modeling for faculty and teachers how to harness tools to manage institutions and support students’ learning today.

We all know that challenges of running colleges and universities in this digital age are huge, but with the right sense on selection of tools, their use cases and its comprehensive integration across the institution a lot of those can be overcome. Understanding this fact, I welcome you all to join our efforts in reinventing higher education and figure out awesome edutech tools, which I am sure are going to be a great aid for your varied needs.

I would like to make special mention to all who have contributed in shaping this report including the editors, interviewee and the sponsors. Throughout the creation of this report, we relied heavily on contributions from experts. Their inputs were invaluable, and we want to thank and recognize all the assiduous contributors.

Wish you have a great learning experience reading this report!


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