Game Based Learning in Education - Free Report

Game Based Learning in Education - Free Report

This is a Free Report by ETR RRC on Game Based Learning in Education that focuses on telling you what is GBL, why it is called serious gaming and how its changing the 21st century education. The report contains practices that are being followed

globally and how its changing the lives of students and teachers. We have included examples of universities and schools that are currently practicing teaching method by incorporation games into the curriculum and actually generating results.

Additionally we have included 40+ games and game based resources to help you choose the best for your students and be a part of GBL environment.


We are covering the following topics in this report:

What is Game Based Learning?

  • Is Gamification equal to Game Based Learning?
  • How GBL improves learning?
  • Role of Technology in Game Based Learning of Education
  • How Teachers & Schools can use game elements to create better learning?
  • Some practices by Education Institutions
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison
    • Purdue University
    • University of Oregon
    • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
    • Michigan State University
    • University of Washington – Bothell
    • Mercyhurst College
    • University of Texas at Brownsville
    • Northern Illinois University
  • How a student learns better with games?
    • Discovery Games
    • Board Games
    • Musical Games
    • Puzzle games
  • Tools & Games GBL in Education
  • Resources & References
    • Course
    • Webinar & GBL Playlist 

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