Top Online Coding Platforms For Your Kids 

Top Online Coding Platforms For Your Kids 

App Inventor

Initially created by Google, App Inventor is a visual, blocks language for building Android Apps. Their coding website for kids features video tutorials and courses in a box. the learning interface is engaging. It allows users to program Android apps simply by moving objects around the screen. The approach is similar to many block-based programming games like Blockly. Students can quickly learn how to build mobile apps and share them using App Inventor. The lessons include video and text-based lessons for supplemental learning. 

Age Appropriate: The platform is ideal for students in elementary school-aged 13 and above. 

Code Avengers

Code Avengers uses self-paced, primarily text-based courses to help kids acquire coding skills. The courses onboard include coding, web development, and coding in different CS languages like Python, HTML & CSS, or JavaScript. Kids learn through the lessons, debugging code, and completing challenges before. The platform tracks down the child's achievements as they learn through lessons and activities. Parent Dashboard is available where you can view your children's progress through the courses, the projects they've created, and the concepts they've learned. The platform also offers students the option to get in touch with experts through live help whenever they need it. 

Age Appropriate: The platform is ideal for students aged 12 and above.


Stencyl is game creation software that lets users publish iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML5 & Flash games without code. The platform has a graphical interface that comes with new functionality and ready to use blocks. These blocks are an excellent way for kids to start their code learning journey. Kids can build their projects and edit them to make them more complex as they desire. The graphics on the platform are kid-friendly, and kids on the advanced level of coding can edit their text-based code in the game itself. You'd need to download the software and set it up to access its features. It also offers comprehensive support in its forums. Stencyl is ideal for kids who enjoy game development and detail.  

Age Appropriate: Kids aged six and above can benefit from the platform. 

 Code Monkey

Code Monkey uses gamification to teach kids coding through online games. The gameplay requires kids to write down the correct code and help the monkey gather bananas. A series of challenges are there, and kids learn to code through the gameplay. At the end of the game, kids are equipped with enough knowledge to build their own game. Code Monkey is made with 1st and 2nd graders in mind, but they also teach younger kids on their Code Monkey Jr. app. 

Age Appropriate: Code Money works well for kids aged nine and above.


GameBlox is a block-based programming site essentially used to make online games for web and mobile devices. Students can use the starter projects to learn to code and build interactive games as they learn to code. The website initially offers a getting started tutorial to help beginners grasp the basic concepts. The website also features an online forum where students can post queries and get help. The games created by students are available online at the GameBlox site or on a mobile device using the GameBlox app. 

Age Appropriate: Ideal for kids interested in game development; will benefit students aged 13 and above.  


LightBot is a puzzle game based on coding that involves kids and teaches them programming logic through gameplay. Kids will learn about sequencing, overloading, procedures, recursive loops, and conditionals through the game. The games are similar to Minecraft and revolve around a robot and blocks. LightBot was designed with first-time coders in mind, so it's simple for beginners. 

Age Appropriate: kids who are just beginning to code will find it engaging. It can be ideal for kids in kindergarten to primary education.


Kodable is a great platform to learn computer science fundamentals through self-directed lessons. Students learn as they create and play alongside bright, cute characters. The platform offers coding games at the kindergarten level, and as students learn, they progress to reading and writing JavaScript. Along the way, they can also build their r characters, create levels, and take on other coders.

Age Appropriate: Ideal for kids aged between 4 to 11 years old.

UCode: Programming Academy

If the traditional online coding academy model is what you're looking for in your child, this might be the platform to go to. UCode offers online coding classes with pre-set schedules and live teachers. It is a virtual academy that offers online learning the old-school way. The platform offers three different programs targeting different computer science skills targeted at different ages, i.e., STEM-based programs for kids 7 to 8 years of age, Python coding lessons for 8 to 10 years old, Native Python classes for 14 to 18, and foundational HTML/CSS courses for ages 11 to 15. The platform runs classes in small batches with a maximum capacity of 6 students per class to get adequate attention. 

Age Appropriate: the platform is ideal for students aged 7 to 18 at an affordable price. 


CodeKarts offers multiple games for pre-schoolers aiding for their jumpstart in coding. These games are designed interactively to keep kids interested and help them learn about the fundamentals of computer programming. For instance, kids get to know through a racing game as they navigate different racetracks, facing obstacles and challenges along the way. 

Age Appropriate: Ideal for kids aged four and above.

Kidlo Coding

Kidlo Coding is a series of fun coding games for kids that teach programming basics: functions, sequences, debugging, loops, arrays, etc. With over 50 fun games crammed into one intuitive, well-designed program, children can learn how to build executable scripts using actual coding concepts and commands. 

The diverse nature of the games and the vast number of options available can also help kids work on skills related to coding: problem-solving, logical thinking, sequential thinking, and memory.

Age Appropriate: Kidlo Coding is a fun app to teach kids ages 5 to 9 years.


Glitch has a unique approach to it. It is a simple and effective tool for anyone who wants to create web apps, offers a friendly, creative community and a different kind of coding program. The platform is suitable for kids who have some experience in coding and are familiar with the skill set. It has a collaborative approach to its core. The developers onboard can work together, edit code in real-time, leave comments, make changes, and collaborate with people on the platform to achieve desired results. This collaborative aspect of the platform allows kids to learn from the other programmers and guidance to enhance their skill set. 

Age Appropriate: ideal for kids nine and above.

Kids 4 Coding

This coding website for kids offers Virtual Tech Camps for kids and teens to learn and upskill their coding skillset. Kids 4 Coding partners with tech experts, educators, and entrepreneurs and develops an engaging curriculum that helps kids in interactive learning with hands-on experience of the skill set they're working on. The website offers a wide range of courses targeted at different age groups and skills. 

Age Appropriate: The platform is ideal for kids aged 7 to 16.


CodeSpark academy caters to younger kids and offers code learning through gamification. Kids can learn about the foundations of computer science through puzzles, coding challenges, and creative tools on the app. kids can design and code over 30,000 games and interactive stories on the app. The company claims that its app has been downloaded over 20 million times and used in more than 40% of all US elementary schools. 

Age Appropriate: the app is ideal for kids aged 4 to 9. 


Codingal offers personalised courses for kids o help them ace their coding skills. The course curriculum is built on BIDE, STEAM, and Bloom's taxonomy model that enhances students' cognitive, logical, and computational skills. With practical projects and hands-on learning, kids engage in the learning process, and the journey becomes informative and fun for the children!

Age Appropriate: The platform is ideal for kids aged five and above. 


Camp K12 is an online school helping students acquire 21st-century skills from their foundational learning years. The platform teaches children coding, English, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The platform caters to students' learning needs via gamified, live, interactive sessions. Students can learn one-on-one with private teachers or in small groups with peers.

Age Appropriate: The platform is ideal for kids aged five and above. 

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