Comprehensive List Of Resources For STEM Educators

Comprehensive List Of Resources For STEM Educators

"Science is more than a school subject, the periodic table, or the properties of waves. It is an approach to the world, a critical way to understand and explore and engage with the world, and then have the capacity to change that world..." — President Barack Obama, March 23, 2015 

STEM is growing on people. With a keen interest in learning and knowing more and more about STEM fields, here is a list of resources covering podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, and websites that you must check out for all things STEM. 


Brains On

Brains On is hosted by Molly Bloom. Different co-host joins weekly to freshen up things and bring diverse perspectives to the listeners. The podcast promotes curiosity and looking for answers to every big small question. Families are encouraged to submit their inquiries as the hosts address these, keeping listeners engaged and new topics. The podcast features over 100 episodes to choose from, and you will definitely find something that'd hook you to this amazing resource.

But Why

This podcast is from national public radio. A great pick to help kids cultivate the habit of listening to podcasts as they get to send their questions to the host. Kids can send their audio files, and all the questions are discussed on the podcasts, which keeps kids interested and in tune with every episode. The podcast covers topics like why forests are prone to catch fire, what happens after the fire, why ladybugs have spots, and more. This is a perfect place for kids to unwind from science queries and find answers to them.

The Skyentists

Ever find your children continuously stargazing or asking questions about the sky and moon? Well, this is the podcast they must be introduced to. This podcast is hosted by certified astronomers Kirsten Banks and Angel Lopez-Sanchez. The podcast brings a good dose of astronomy to your ears, a perfect place for astrology geeks. It covers everything from how to get out and stargaze (and really recognize what you're seeing!) to answer your burning questions about the universe.

Science VS

Australian science journalist Wendy Zukerman hosts this podcast. It is the perfect mix of entertainment and scientific fact. The podcast discusses varied topics like the mysterious man who dies twice, human lab rats, ancient aliens, and the science behind transgenderism. A must-follow for young adult students keen to learn all things science, crazy science stories, and facts.  

Houston, We Have a Podcast

This podcast is for you if space information and facts are your things. The podcast features interviews with real NASA scientists that share all the information about outer space. It'll take you through everything related to aerospace, like rockets, spacewalk, weather in outer space, astronaut journey and what you need to be one, challenges astronauts face, and more.

YouTube Channels

STEM Little Explorers

STEM little explorers share one new weekly video that will give you fresh ideas that can be done with children. The channel shares fresh thoughts for experiments and activities that can be easily done with children at home or school. Parents can engage with kids and provide them with the necessary knowledge on STEM topics.

STEM Inventions

The channel features interesting playlists on DIY robots and a young engineer series highlighting 20+ fun STEM activities and projects. Explore the channel, and you'll definitely find some good picks. You'll find experiments and projects that can be done with easily available objects like duct tapes and wooden sticks, and more.


The channel features a five-part mini-series showcasing STEM activities that kids can recreate from the comfort of home. The experiments and activities can be done alone by young adults. However, adults must supervise kids when they want to perform any of the activities shown. The channel also features a unique series of interviews with current students and working professionals in the STEM field worldwide. These are informative and inspiring, something students of all ages can benefit from.

STEM Activities

This channel brings you educational, informative, and genius STEM hacks and original content every weekday. The content produced on the channel is authentic and covers various topics for all age groups. The playlist section features product reviews, fun experiments, useful tips for teachers, weather maps, stem projects, home experiments, and more.

Hacking STEM

Hacking Stem is a collection of STEM lessons created by Microsoft Education. the channel is ideal for middle school students.

All videos on board are created for teachers by teachers. The Projects showcased are designed to integrate with the existing curriculum and are aligned to the Next Generation Science and ISTE Standards. The channel features fun, project-based activities that can help students develop; engineering design (ED) and computational thinking (CT) skills as they focus on giving learners hands-on experiences collecting and analysing data.

Here are a few points on how this channel can benefit you extensively:

  • The activities shown uses inexpensive materials and real-world scenarios. Hence students find it engaging and relatable.
  • It offers a plethora of free downloadable resources, including Excel workbooks that display the live STEAMING data in an approachable graphical way.
  • It offers a collection of over 23 amazing lessons and projects.
  • Connect with an active online community or teachers who share ideas, hacks, and a passion for bringing STEM to all students.


This channel mainly focuses on instructional videos for students, teachers, and industries in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The channel will be ideal for students keen to learn computer languages. The playlist section features comprehensive videos and learning content on python, C++, MS word, Math, and more.

STEM Coding

This YouTube channel aims to infuse coding into high school physics, chemistry and math. The channel uses p5.js for all of its coding activities. All videos and activities on this channel will benefit educators and everyone interested in coding. All the activities can be altered as per the skill level.

India STEM Foundation

This official channel of the India STEM Foundation is a must-follow for people keen to learn all things STEM in India and around. It aims to cater to people who celebrate the fun and excitement of science and technology. The channel features informative videos on science and technology-based careers. It encourages young adults to explore mentor-based programs that inculcate interest in science and technology in the minds of young people.

GIGIL | STEM Activities for Kids

GIGIL offers STEM Activities for Kids. GIGIL is renowned for popular STEM Kits that work on a monthly subscription model that includes 5 hands-on activities with the materials you need to complete them. These kits are available for kids in TK - 8th grade. Their YouTube channel is a treat for kids with their heads inclined to STEM as it covers interesting videos on various activities, DIYS, projects, and more. The videos will get students hooked, and you'll surely find something cool to try on.


Teachers Are Terrific! A STEM Blog US

This blog is authored by a teacher with 30 years of work experience with kids of all grade levels who are now STEM Specialists. The blog will help educators as it shares creative ways to make STEM a part of your elementary classroom using materials and tons of helpful hints. You'll find one new read every week that you can easily make a part of your classroom.

Center for STEM Education

The Center for STEM Education impacts STEM teaching and learning at all levels. This blog is a reflection of their impact. You'll find a great read and amazing resources for all learning levels. The blog features over 17 posts that'll keep you waiting for the next interesting read every time you finish reading one.

Science Buddies Blog

Science Buddies is a great blog for STEM educators as it covers educational resources, activities, projects, lesson plans, and all things STEM for k12 students. The team behind science buddies aims to inspire & educate students of all ages with hands-on STEM explorations that reflect their unique personal interests. The blog posts around seven posts monthly, ensuring that they provide you with what you're looking for.

STEM Education Guide

STEM Education Guide is one-stop solution for parents and educators looking for STEM inputs. The blog features activities, project ideas, product reviews, and more in the STEM field. The blog features one new post every week, so subscribe to that weekly notification and stay updated.

STEM Activities for Kids!

The blog aims to provide STEM resources, ideas, and needed encouragement to teachers, parents, and students. The team behind the blog comprises educators, parents, engineers, and lifelong learners with one common chord: they are all STEM enthusiasts. You'll find great activities, worksheets, project ideas, and more information on STEM for kids that can be easily incorporated into the classroom.

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