Envisioning ICT Enabled Teaching Learning Processes: Challenges & Possibilities

Envisioning ICT  Enabled Teaching  Learning Processes:  Challenges &  Possibilities

Despite all reforms that have taken place since independence in the field of education, Education system in India still faces many challenges.

Challenges that emanates from the enormity of young population that needs to be educated, inflexibility in education system that makes it resistant to change and multiplicity of language which expects transaction of knowledge not in one or two but in many languages. There is also a deep disquiet about several aspects of educational practices which includes reach and access to education, rigidity in the school system, textbook centric education, lack of teachers in schools and highly inflexible examination system.

 We are covering the following topics in this report:

Envisioning ICT Enabled Teaching Learning Processes : Challenges & Possibilities 

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • ICT in School Education initiatives in India
  • ICT Policy in School Education
  • Challenges in Education and ICT intervention
  • Inflexibility in the School system 
  • Textbooks and Teacher Centric Education 
  • National Repository of Educational Resources : Mission and Objectives
  • Content Generation as a centralized activity
  • Connecting with the world (CWW)
  • Connecting with Each Other (CWE)
  • Creating with ICT (CWICT)
  • Interacting with ICT (IWICT)
  • Possibilities in Education (PIE)
  • Reaching out and bridging divide (ROBD)
  • Conclusion 
  • References


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