Wikipedia Lecturer: The Wiki Reader

Wikipedia Lecturer: The Wiki Reader

Description: Wikipedia Lecturer is a music player-like Wikipedia app for Android that allows you to play Wikipedia articles in virtually any language using your Android’s text-to-speech engine.

Pain Points/Needs: Audio Content, Document Readers, Study Aids

Platform: Android

Usability: Wikipedia Lecturer with its audio features serves as a great default Wikipedia reader and audio book for mobile phones and tablets using which you can listen to Wikipedia articles in the language of your choice.

This Wikipedia reader app helps a busy individual learn on the go. You can play articles in the background while you’re driving or walking to class. You can search for articles in any language your phone supports and save your search history. Both teachers and students can use it to listen to topics on the go during their busy schedules. Teachers can share selected articles with their students, and students can share articles with each other via social platforms. They can learn about many different topics by creating a queue of articles to store them for listening later on. They can also track related articles to get into the depth and breadth of knowledge anywhere and at any time. It is of great use for auditory learners, as it eliminates the need to read and makes learning easy for them. It can also be used to listen to the lore of video games and can be of great support in homeschooling.

Walkthrough: The Wikipedia Lecturer app’s Free and Pro versions are available for download on Android’s Google Play store. The free version has all the features that you need to learn anywhere and the pro version is paid but provides enhancements and adds additional features to the product.

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