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Description: Adormi provides build-it-yourself electronic products to schools, engineering and polytechnic colleges worldwide. The products include all hardware components, simple pictorial step-by-step guide, videos, simplified classroom theory, market trends and career planning guide for students.

Adormi also offers at home internships and a certification program for students to assess their knowledge in the electronic industry market.

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Adaptive Learning
Game-Based Learning
Interactive Project Creators
Physical Electronics
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Usability: Adormi products help educators and students learn about Electronics and Physics concepts in an interesting hands-on way. Students can build a real-life application with Adormi Box and learn about the educational classroom theory concepts with the interactive CD. Some Adormi products include phone, lie detector, treasure finder, electric organ, etc. The products are classified by industry, technology, school topic, university course and complexity. They are fun and easy to make and help students enhance their problem solving skills, electronics knowledge, creativity and interest in Science and Technology.

Adormi products help students develop interest in Science and understand it better. Students can learn about diverse and current industry technologies, find opportunities for better work assignments, improve their chances to find a job early and lessen adjustment from academic to professional life. Teachers can find visual aids for teaching , develop better understanding of core concepts, grab the attention of academically challenged students , engage in discussions with industry professionals, access whitepapers and gain technology insights. Adormi also allows you to be part of the Adormi Company through Adormi At Home Internship programs which provide you an opportunity to have the real hands-on experience on industrial kits without actually going into the company. Also, with the Adormi Certification program you can assess your knowledge on the product you have assembled.

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Walkthrough: The Adormi product kit comes with everything you need including power supply, all your components such as capacitors, resistors, ICs, LEDs, wires, speakers, PCB and an instructional CD. To get started, just insert the CD. Adormi has a top-down approach where first you learn about the application, then how to build it and finally the technology behind it. It comes with a component list and a pictorial step-by-step guide. It also contains warnings about what not to do while assembling the kit, testing and troubleshooting tips and interactive instructional videos for configuration and testing.

The classroom theory section co-relates the theory learnt in class with the product assembled. It first covers the building blocks of the circuit used and then puts it all together illustrating to you how the kit was built. The application area discusses about the product’s residential, industrial, commercial and remote areas applications. Creative corner gives you other project ideas to help you use your creativity. The career and market trends section gives a complete picture of the industry segment. It provides a technology overview of the product, its future, the size of its market, worldwide and Indian companies to target, existing companies in the market, career prospects and the electives and research institutes for the segment. For first timers, the electronics fundamentals section teaches you how to identify and read components, how to solder and also provides basic troubleshooting instructions. Real-life applications of the assembled kit along with online evaluation questions are also provided.

Adormi products are mapped to the Physics curriculum for 8th, 9th and 10th graders; though not mandatory in the curriculum, the products are highly recommended for hands-on learning to understand the subject better. It takes 1 day to 1 week to build and test the product, no prior knowledge and very little adult supervision is required to build it, and all the products have real-life applications. Adormi provides real lab kits ideal for enriched learning, discussion forums where you can interact with fellow students and get industry and technical support, Adormi certification with online evaluation, career and job prospects for better placements, hands-on industry oriented learning, easy product selection, curriculum suitable mini and final projects and those which can be exhibited in labs and technology fairs.

Prices: Per product Pricing starts under INR 500

Our Review: Adormi elevates the quality of education by bridging teaching and learning through interesting content, latest technology and collaborative tools. Adormi products facilitate active learning and help students build their exploratory, critical thinking, independent thinking and decision-making skills. Building products on your own also improves retention and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Adormi is especially helpful for kids who are not inclined to Science, it makes them understand why and how things work and create more interest. Adormi is very useful for school children as well as older kids who are college and university students. The hands-on experience makes it easy for students to grasp concepts that are otherwise harder to explain conceptually.

What’s most likeable about Adormi products is that it’s a full solution in a box. Starting from the theory to the fundamentals to actually creating really neat applications, Adormi offers everything in one place. High-school students don’t really get deeper into the concepts that they learn until they get into an Engineering college, with Adormi they can learn the fundamentals and theory and apply it immediately by building the kits and see some immediate results. Adormi products help create strong interest in the engineering curriculum for the kid and help him excel at the engineering college with prior practical knowledge in electronics and science. Adormi helps prepare students for jobs, opens doors to better placements, offers industry hands-on experience at school, provides industry research, latest project ideas and technology trends and helps Engineering colleges compete with foreign universities.

Adormi products spark creativity in students and help increase confidence level, independent thinking and encourage innovation. I highly recommend Adormi to students who want to build their interest in Science and get excited about Science or Engineering careers.

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