Easy Annotate - Easy and Fun App to Work with PDF's

Easy Annotate - Easy and Fun App to Work with PDF's

Description: Easy Annotate is an iPad app that allows you to read and annotate PDFs side-by-side. You can open two PDFs in one view to link, compare, highlight, mark, underline, draw and add notes to them.

Pain Points/ Needs:

Digital Textbooks
Document Library
Document Readers
Note Taking

Platform: iOS

Usability: There are a number of iPad apps that let you work with PDF documents, but more often you may feel the need for working on two documents by viewing them at the same time. Easy Annotate lets you do just that. It is a PDF viewer and editor using which you can open two PDFs at the same time in one view.

Easy Annotate allows students, teachers and business professionals to annotate on the move. It can aid students in their study sessions by allowing them to compare different PDFs such as the study material together with source material or an assignment next to a solution and edit them simultaneously. Students and teachers can mark up text to highlight answers, take notes as they conduct research, edit their own writing and review publications in two different languages side-by-side. It is also possible to link two PDFs so you can create a work project with links to source documents. The app can also be used to improve paperless meetings, with the ability to show the agenda next to the pieces to be discussed.


The app is available on the App Store. Download and install the app on your iPad to start using it.

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