Easy Annotate - Easy and Fun App to Work with PDF's

Easy Annotate - Easy and Fun App to Work with PDF's

Find the PDFs you need online or tap on the folder icon present at both sides of the screen to import a document from Dropbox or to open a recent document. Once you have two documents open, you can read them both at the same time. You can move through pages by swiping the screen left or right or use the page thumbnails to quickly move through pages or jump to a specific page. There are a series of other icons present using which you can search for text, export a document, undo and redo. At the top middle of the screen, there are two icons that apply to both the documents. The icon on the left is used to select annotation tools such as highlight, underline, strike-through, note, pencil and add text. The second icon is the gear icon using which you can connect the app to your Dropbox account, view the User Guide, switch to night mode that reverses colors, choose to view one or two documents at a time, and swap the position of the documents. If you want to have a better view of one document, turn your device to portrait mode and the document on the left will fill the screen. To view the document on the right, double tap on the screen using three fingers and the left and right documents will be swapped. There are other useful gestures such as tapping with two fingers on the right side of the screen to jump forward 10 pages or on the left side of the screen to jump back 10 pages.

The ability to link PDFs allows you to link a word, sentence or paragraph of one of your PDFs with that of another. You can also link the annotations and notes you’ve added in one document to another. The app provides full Dropbox support for importing, exporting and saving files. You can also add bookmarks to your documents and the documents can be printed and e-mailed straight from the app.

Prices: $5.99

Our Review: Easy Annotate is an ideal app for working on two PDFs simultaneously on your iPad or while on the fly specially when you are looking for advanced features like editing, annotating, etc. It provides a neat and easy-to-use user interface using which you can annotate and link two PDFs side-by-side in an easy way.

The app has a lot to offer to both students and educators and its unique features make it a great study and teaching tool. It makes annotating documents easy and helps students as they read over material or study for an exam. They can make notes with ease on any PDF, print it, send it by mail or send it to Dropbox. The app can be a huge benefit to any classroom going paperless Teachers can now have PDFs of worksheets and other study material which the students can view and annotate at the same time. The linking ability that the app provides can be used for citation and providing evidence. The app also provides the ability to open the annotated document in another supported app. It offers users six different ways to annotate their documents and provides a choice of six different color variants to start, with the option to later select from a HEX chart per object. The opacity, thickness and color of an object can also be adjusted and it is very handy to zoom in by pinching the screen with two fingers, whenever required.

The upcoming version of Easy Annotate will come along with new updates that will allow you to resize the split-screen, use split-screen in portrait, send linked PDFs with working links, use one page view and will also provide some empty PDFs to use for drawing or writing. Easy Annotate changes the way you work with PDFs. Do try it out.

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