LiveBinder - Online File Uploader

LiveBinder - Online File Uploader
Description:- Livebinder is a free online binder which allows users to upload PDF files, media files and add webpages in it. It is easy-to-use and it’s not necessary to take training courses for it.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online File uploader
  2. Online management
     of files and resources

Platform:- IPad/IPhone Apps, Chrome App, Android Apps

Usability:- Livebinderallows you to store websites,(PDFs, word documents, and images in a convenient digital binder that is stored online. Best of all,you can share these web-binders with anyone you like, and you can search for other public binders that have already been created. You can also doGoogle search to fill any resource in your binder andshareassignmentswith parents and learning support teachers simply by providing the URL. Also you can organize your computer-based resources easily. It is a great formatto use for presentations.LiveBinderallows you to choose your preferred method of organization and helps keep materials containedatone convenient location.


  1. Free
  2. Professional Individual - $19.95 per month $199.50 per year


Our Reviews:-  LiveBinder collaborates, collects and creates units of instructions with multimedia functionality that you can present to a class by the binder or embed it to your class site as a resource.It is a great way to share information online in an easy and organized way. The possibilities to teachers are pretty amazing. This is a good curation tool where you can save your educational resources and check others resources. We believe LiveBinder will become a very good tool for all people who can implementitin their lives and classrooms. Anyone can use it asapersonal online binder to collect any information on educational resources, or collections of other online resources.

How to use it (Training Videos):-

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