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Edmodo - Social Networking for Teachers & Students

Edmodo - Social Networking for Teachers & Students
Description: - Edmodo is a social learning platform for educators and learners like teachers, students, and parents. It has a design interface similar to Facebook, which provides teachers and students a secure place to connect, collaborate and share content

Pain point/Need:- 

  1. Social network for teachers, students and parents.
  2. Interaction b/w parents and teachers.
  3. Parents can track their children activity and studies.

Platform: - Web, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone

Usability: - To get started, educator need to register with the Edmodo. After registering, children has the option to post messages, uploading files, replying to other's comments and sharing useful sites. You can create groups, for you and your students/teachers to communicate and collaborate with one another. User can add resources to Edmodo like hyperlinks, videos, embed YouTube videos, documents, PDFs, images, which is a good medium to collaborate and sharing views on a particular thing. Teachers being a user can also assign homework, projects and classwork right from Edmodo. Which allows students and teacher to remain updated on assignments. There’re so many other features that’ll be cover in report.

Prices: - Free for teachers and classrooms.

Our Review: - Edmodo is proving to be a good and desired solution esp. for parents and teachers because both of these educators were looking for some kind of interaction medium for more better education of their students. When it comes to students, Edmodo also allows students upload their homework to the site. There is an incredibly useful feature for teachers as it keeps a checklist of those who have / haven't submitted their work. Now, children can also ask questions about their homework, which is a great think for any student who’s facing issue and hence solved with the use of this technology. Edmodo provides a solution to parents who feel lack of awareness of their child's homework now everything is shared on Edmodo with excellent privacy settings that helps teacher, parents and students to show/hide their information when required and only to desired people. One of the best thing of Edmodo is that it has interface similar to Facebook so its ease for educators to work on it.

How to use it (Training Videos):-

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