Diigo - Social Bookmarking

Diigo - Social Bookmarking
Description: - Diigo is a powerful online research tool and collaborative research platform that integrates with key technologies, including social bookmarking, web annotation, tagging, and group-based collaboration, to enable a whole new process of online 
knowledge management and participatory learning in the 21st century.

Pain point/Need:- 

  1. Social bookmarking
  2. Highlighting, annotating and sharing online web pages.
  3. Online notes creation along with sticky notes

Platform: - Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Chrome Plugin

Usability: - Diigo helps user to digitally highlight information on webpage with sticky notes to any location on a page. It provides a browser add-on that can really improve your research productivity. As you read on the web, you can highlight portions of web pages that are of your interest. With diigo, you can save a image of bookmarked pages to your notes. It helps in sharing bookmarks with friends and colleagues via e-mail. You can create custom notes and then create sticky notes out of it to share and work more productively.


  • Free -> Unlimited Bookmarks, 1000/year Highlights, 30 Total Cached pages.
  • Basic -> $20/year Unlimited Bookmarks, Unlimited Highlights, Full text search, Ads free.
  • Premium -> $5/month or $40/year Basic plan + Unlimited Cached pages, Unlimited Screen captures, Priority support.

Our Review: - Diigo is a good tool for educators like teachers and students who read online and love to annotate important part of their reading material. Diigo provide convenience in storing bookmarks on your local computer or creating documents with lists of links to be shared with colleagues.  Diigo allows you to bookmark a web page and share your bookmarks online with one click with your peers either in group or individually. You can easily import bookmarks from delicious and sync Diigo with delicious for productive sharing among different learners. Teacher & Students can discover relevant content by sorting according to the tags applied on notes. Same is the case with list, educators create different notes and assign them to different notes for better outputs. Best part of Digital highlighting and sticky notes are unique to Diigo Bookmarks accessible from any machine on any browser, with or without Diigo installed.

How to use it (Training Videos): -

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