Khan Academy - Online Video Library

Khan Academy - Online Video Library
Description: - Khan Academy is an online learning platform for everyone including student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, or adult to learn and educate themselves anywhere for free.

Pain point/Need:- 

  • K-12 Educational Video library
  • Online
     learning platform
  • Massive Open Online

Platform: - Web, iPad

Usability: - Users (Educator) while working on a subject topic can watch a video which is a great source of information retention, Khan Academy remembers what user have learned and where user is spending extra time also you get at a glance information about everything you've been learning and whether or not you've been hitting your goals. Teachers and mentors can access all of their students' data as they can get a summary of class performance as a whole or dive into a particular student's profile to figure out exactly which topics are problematic after checking all the stats and reports associated with the course. Teachers can user assign badges and student can start earning badges and points for learning. The more you challenge yourself, the more bragging rights you'll get.

Prices: - Free Access over 2600+ videos.

Our Review: - Every educator is a learner and every learner has some issues while learning because of lack of resources and guidance and for this Khan Academy has an extensive library of videos covers K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, etc. provides a resource for students and teachers on several education topics. A teacher could use the various videos for capturing students' attention, clarifying a concept, or introducing a new concept. In addition to watching the video, comments can be posted about the video or topic being discussed. An individual is able to practice the various concepts.
Since khan academy is introduced students spending hour after hour watching subject videos and learning competitively for earning more Khan Academy badges. Some of the smaller badges are very easy, but the most legendary badges might require years of work which is good for learners’ engagement and growth. The activities can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s a very time-effective way to add interesting content to the class, and fulfill Common Core standards of integrating art into the ELA curriculum.

How to use it (Training Video): -

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