Quora - Discussion Forum

Quora - Discussion Forum
Description: - Quora is a discussion forum cum question and answer website where people can ask and search for their queries and seek replies from the experts.

Pain Point/Need: -

  1. Questions and answer
  2. Discussion forum
  3. Professional opinion

Platform: - 

Web, Android

Usability: - Quora aggregates questions and answers to topics. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users' answers.The site works in more social manner with follow and following, similar to Twitter, and gives the user the ability to select categories and specific topics to follow.

User can search for a question in the search bar or alternatively the user can follow topic and then search for questions that already exist under a topic. Additionally a user can assign multiple sub-topics to one topic that makes a question to be categorized under multiple categories. This allows the user to get feedback and replies form many more users that what actually would be replying originally under a single topic. You can also follow question as per interest to receive future notifications.

Prices: - Free

Our Review: - Quora is a great resource for newbies or for inexperienced persons who is looking for some professional and experienced reply to their queries. It’s a free platform which allows user to ask whenever they are interested in. It’s very similar to when you are talking to some person seeking an advice/answer or search the web looking for knowledge base and answers to your questions.You can directly share & implement that you learn.

On Quora, each question page aims and is meant to bring the best resources for everyone as people with different mindset, profession and experience visit and share their views and this makes a question worth to read and follow.

In many cases, your question would have already been asked and answered by people with first-hand experience. Here you can post your query and get more answers. But if not, then you can also invite people to contributors to your question in form of answers.

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