Coursera - Online Course Library

Coursera - Online Course Library
Description: - Coursera is an online course library where you can find courses from various distinguished and reputed universities from around the world.

For example: - Universities like Stanford University, University of Virginia, University of Washington,

 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Pain Point/Need: -

Online University Courses

Free online training

Platform: - Web

Usability: - Coursera for education is a great resource for educators to learn through which they can take advantage of knowledge in form of Video courses shared by various reputed universities which are delivered by the best and experienced people. To access and get started with course, user needs to sign-up. After login, user can check courses and universities tabs placed on the right-top to check out more available courses to enroll for. User can sort courses by using the “sort by” drop-down for easier access to information. User after selecting a course can read and get more information about the topics that are going to be covered in the course.

Prices: - Free

Our Review: - Coursera offers a great opportunity and resources for educators from any field. Coursera’s course quality is appropriate for beginners. Collection of courses on coursera covers almost everything that an educator needs. Course layout, structuring and delivery methods allow learners easy access thereby facilitating a user to schedule, plan, prioritise and take the course as per convenience. User always has the chance to enroll for multiple courses at a time which is very good for time optimization. One of the features of coursera is email notification, which reminds users about upcoming classes and courses. As coursera offers courses from the top universities, and all being free, allows the students (and teachers) to learn from world-class professors, watch high quality lectures, achieve mastery via interactive exercises, and collaborate with a global community of students.


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