Codecademy - Online Program Learning Platform

Codecademy - Online Program Learning Platform
Description: - Codecademy is an online program learning platform that offers free coding classes of programming languages like Python, JavaScript, and Ruby, along with markup languages like HTML and CSS.

Pain point/Need: -

  1. Online program learning system
  2. Online programming editor and execution tool

Platform: - Web

Usability: - Codecademy is a programming platform for anyone who is interested in learn how to program. Once an account is made, students can track through the linear courses. With coding language lessons, students and teachers can easily see and follow the coding and development demos of their projects. While coding, everyone face issues and to solve this they can use Q & A forum within Codecademy. This is very handy and a great assistance feature for coders. Coders can use pre-built API’s to create things easily. It's often hard for developers (even experienced) to get used to APIs and their use. With courses from Box and SkyDrive, coder will be able to store and access files from anywhere in the world and they also provides tutorials on how to do that. Coders who feel they have got some experience and they wish to help others, they can create their own lessons to teach and guide members on Codecademy.


Prices: - Free.

Our Review: - Codecademy is great platform and has taught people the basics of programming and and even complex things like coding games and websites. For everyone, Codecademy is very clean, smooth, entertaining, interactive and ad-free in terms of user experience. Codecademy lessons are also helpful for experienced developers, as they are for total newbies. While using IDE, Students always find it difficult to execute their code but with Codecademy its easy and fun. The user just needs to navigate to the result tab. To maintain competition and enthusiasm among user, the site offers feedback, badges and profile progress that counts for user's total score. The site also allows experienced coders to create and publish a new course using a Course Creator tool. Good feature is that, it offers courses in multiple languages i.e. if you find a tutorial in a language that is hard for you to understand as its a foreign language, you use the translation feature of Codecademy and view the content in your preferred language which makes life easier and learning simpler and fun.

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