Engrade - Online Tool Set (Gradebook, Attendance, Calendar) for Teachers

Engrade - Online Tool Set (Gradebook, Attendance, Calendar) for Teachers
Description: - Engrade is an Online Tool Set for teachers which allows them to manage everything about gradebooks, attendance and calendar from anywhere, with more parents interaction and students analysis.

Pain point/Need: -

  • Online class management
  • Online Assignment and grade allotment

Platform: - Web, Android Phone

Usability: - Engrade’s offers a very easy registration process and easy to use layout, and the interface is extremely intuitive. Teachers can input their data and the system automatically output grades by adjusting settings as per the specifications. Teachers can use their own custom grading scale, different categories such as tests, quizzes, homework for different students. Teachers can also use an extra credit option for additional activities like assignments. Educator uses a calendar feature where teachers can add dates of tests and quizzes or for any other reminder or task, as well as it offers a feature to set due dates for assignments and students can keep everything organized by using calendar. The grading sheets on the site make it easy to change a grade in the grade book.

Prices: -

  • Free for individual teachers
  • EngradePlus $600/yr for 100 students

Our Review: - Engrade proves to be a smart program that allows teachers to manage multiple classes at once, print grade sheets by class or for an individual student, and even allow teachers to export the sheets into Microsoft Excel. Attendance feature enables the teacher to take attendance on their computer right in the classroom and a “citizenship” tab allows a teacher to comment on a student’s performance. One good feature for students is that they can access study guides for tests, to clear off the problems. Since Engrade is online, educator are able to access their grades from anywhere whenever they have internet access. Teachers can create their lesson interactive by combining YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations, text, images, and a short practice quiz for students in one easy-to-navigate place. It's the easiest way to teach and learn online. Engrade is a decent tool for teachers that allows online grading, managing classes and assigning assignment and homework online.

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