Assign A Day - Assignment Calendar

Assign A Day - Assignment Calendar
Description:- Assign-A-Day is a free tool designed to enhance teacher and student communication with an online teacher-managed calendar. Teachers create a calendar for each of their classes and add assignments for the students to view.

Pain Point/Need: -

  1. Assignment scheduler
  2. Online Class Assignment Management

Platform: - Web

Usability: - User can:

  1. Create assignments that span multiple dates
  2. Customize the calendar colors, font style, and size to make a unique look for your class
  3. Invite colleagues to share the calendar and work collaboratively with them
  4. Students and parents can see the calendar by visiting web site (no log-on required) and they can access their data by entering the teacher name in the search box
  5. Create or edit assignments from any computer that is connected to the Internet
  6. Make shared calendar to work collaboratively with other educators

Pricing: - Free

Our Reviews: - This tool is for school and classroom activities that can be managed in calendar. Students can view their teachers' calendars in order to see assignments for classes they missed, or to want to see an overview of the class. If you have a teacher web page, user can add a link to Assign-A-Day. Besides assignments, use the online calendar to remind students and parents about other class-related items such as forms, assignments.Students can send messages to anyone about an assignment using the valid e-mail address they have. Teacher can plan their full class structure for upcoming week for better learning and management. It can be accessed by the student or parent as the instructor can share the calendar with any email that is provided.  Therefore, it proves to be a good tool for both parent and student to access free calendar. 


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