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Description: is a presentation tool for students & teachers to present their documents, slides, PDFs etc., live to a class synced across iPads, mobile devices and laptops. 


Pain Points/Needs: -

1.   Presentation synchronization on all devices

2.   Discussion and comments on eachslide

Platform: - Web, iPad

Usability: -With, presentations can be presented and watched in real-time through any web browser without any app installation. Users can store multiple presentations online simultaneously and can share them with any number of people and by using that sharable URL, users can get a look at the presentation. By sharing presentations with one or more users, all can simultaneously see changes or pages shuffled by others. Using the upload button, any student or teacher can upload a PPT or PDF to their account. Withdiscussionoption in, teachers and students can interact by commenting on any of the slides. Educator scan restrict any unauthentic users by applying privacy as per their needs.

Prices: -

  1. Free - Presentations are stored for up to 48 hours
  2. Monthly account - $14/month

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Our Review: - is a good tool for making presentations more interactive and engaging. With features like ‘discussion’, students can make anything from personal notes to slides,which allows the entire class and teachers to discuss certain topics in real-time with other online members. gives a URL for sharing and collaboration which is a good feature for all those educators who are sitting at different locations,or for students/teachers who are physically unavailable, allowing them to take part in discussion. With this all your presentations can be easily synced to your devices. Also if any changes occur in the slide, the same will automatically be updated on everyone’s devices instantly.  It is a very good presentation tool for educators who want to use a presentation service for collaboration with their students and other members.

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