Udacity - Free Online College Courses

Udacity - Free Online College Courses

Description:- Udacity is an online video courses library which provides affordable and engaging courses for higher education taught by various experienced teachers so that a learner can utilize their courses as per their needs.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Free Online Courses
  2. MOOC, Video lectures

Platform:- Web

Usability:- Udacity online courses provides educators to select a course based on categories and levels. After selecting a course user can get a brief knowledge about what’s required and why to take this course also user has the option to tailor their chapter list. Each course consists of several units placed in form of list comprising video lectures with integrated quizzes, test to help students understand concepts. In courses, educator can see class notes that are presented in form of wikis with view and edit options. With a feature of resume user can start and stop their course in between and can start from where they left. With discussions, educator can see, sort and ask a question with proper tags assigned with questions. With my courses, user can easily see courses in which they enrolled along with this udacity notifies the courses which are newly added to the platform so that user got to know new releases.

Prices:- free

Our Review:-Udacity provides online courses that are accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective for higher education. With courses, from experienced teachers udacity currently is providing courses on categories like business, mathematics, computer science, and physics with levels like beginners, Intermediate, Advanced.  One of the good features with udacity course lectures is that user can enroll and complete any lecture with its own preferred pace. With features like difficulty level, exams grades and assignments user can easily track themselves on the knowledge they have or learned from courses that are not available in their schools/colleges. Also after completing a course, students receive a certificate of completion indicating their level of achievement, signed by the instructors, at no cost which can be motivational thing for learners.         

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