LearnBoost - Free Gradebook for Teachers

LearnBoost - Free Gradebook for Teachers
Description:- LearnBoost is an online platform which allows teachers to manage their classroom by offering gradebooks, lesson plans, attendance, maintaining schedules by integrating Google Apps.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Classroom Management Platform
  2. Online Assignment
    , Attendance, Lesson Plan and grades Management

Platform:- Web

Usability:- To get started, users need to sign-up and sign-in to create an account with a specific role, like a Teacher, Student, Parent or an Administrator for proper utilization of the platform. Users can also setup their sign-up with their Gmail or Facebook accounts. With grades, teachers can enter grades and students can watch their scores update instantly. All the updates are available in real time from any of the user. Also users can associate their data with proper labeled tags. With grades, Teachers can customize their grading scale as per the assignment or test. With sharing capabilities of the platform, teachers can email and share grades, assignments, attendance, course calendars with parents and students for instant notification and engagement. With Classroom reporting, any educator can get a feel and detailed views of class progress and attendance in the classroom reporting center. Also with student reporting, user can easily analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their students for better learning. By integrating with Google Apps, educators can access everything with their Google Email account and can sync their calendar.

Prices:- Free

Our Review:- LearnBoost is an all-in-one solution for teachers, students, parents and administrators which allows them to manage their classrooms with ease. With an intuitive UI and reporting, teachers and parents can easily monitor their students’ performance that too in real time. Also, this platform includes other necessary features like lesson plans, track attendance, maintain schedules, integrate Google Apps and tag. With grades, attendance and schedules, parents and students can easily track their status on any task as - disabled, pending, or active. With the ease of adding lesson plans teachers can plan more for their classes and hence increase the productivity. Also with dashboards, parents and students can manage class updates and keep them organized. This Platform is unique as it offers reporting also and all of this is free. With the help of reporting, any educator can very easily analyze attendance, grades and students' progress in the class and can work with the students accordingly. Another great feature that it offers is its ability to integrate with Google apps, which allows users to sync their data and information on the cloud with added benefit of easy sharing. This platform can be an asset for any teacher or organization when used effectively.

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