How Prowise May Help You Push Boundaries of Learning With Every Lesson

How Prowise May Help You Push Boundaries of Learning With Every Lesson

Prowise firmly believes that there product is the future in digital screens perfect for any classroom.

The screen includes a fully integrated screen with PC that allows teachers to interact with the classroom on any student device (iPad, Android, Windows tablets) the interaction can be done in seconds and can be fed directly back to the teacher with the option for the teacher to share these results!

Prowise also comes with its own app 'Presenter' which allows you to plan lessons anywhere. The Presenter is a professional app, which allows you to create presentations with ease.

It offers not just hardware, or software, but a 360-degree solution that includes touch screen displays, lifts, tablets as well as the content and cloud storage that sits behind the mechanics making it a completely holistic solution.

Information is not just presented, but experienced and accessible to all. Prowise screens have been designed to operate in many diverse environments from the corporate boardroom to the classroom. The Prowise displays are energy efficient and equipped with the latest LED Technology.

Bring your lessons to life and make your presentation interactive with the possibilities offered by this package. 

This board- and device-independent application allows you to create your presentations on your device and view and/or edit lessons that have already been created.

In addition to the functionality of a standard whiteboard application, Prowise Presenter has an extensive range of interactive tools and options to enrich your presentation/lesson. Presenter allows you to create presentations, which will capture your pupils and colleagues, in a flash.

Main characteristics:

-Create the most stunning presentations in a flash.

-Have your lessons at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

-Easily add images and videos or use your own library of high-quality images.

-Add interaction with building blocks.

-Includes all online Presenter tools.

-Software already has more than 100,000 users.

-Share your presentations within your organization and/or via the community.

These screens bring a complete new era of digital learning without having a hassle of projectors, calibrations, long setup times, separate PC and the headache of cables and numerous inputs and outputs – this solution is fully integrated!

Installing this device in the classrooms and providing education through the medium of Prowise can be of great utility. It creates an environment in which students like to participate actively. Teachers can send questions, votes, and quizzes to other devices. It is a wholesome product and that’s the reason behind its cost efficiency. There is no need for other devices like projector once it is installed. The product have a 10 point interactive touch screen which means that multiple students can interact/use one screen at a time. PC is inbuilt into the screen therefore teachers need not connect individual laptops for the usage.

It provides cloud delivered lessons with free presenter software which gives you access to Proconnect and Proquiz. Presenter is a cloud-based resource and a community of like-minded contributors. Proconnect is a free downloadable app that connects all end users devices with Prowise multi touch screen adding an interactive training. Proquiz introduces unique and fun interactions in a way that is fast flexible and completely free. Existing lessons in SMART and ACTIV formats are fully compatible.

High definition screen provides razor sharp image with integrated speakers providing warm and room0filling sound. 2.1 sound bars fills most rooms with ease with stereo speakers and a built-in sub woofer. No need of add-on speakers.

The most interesting feature of the screen is the lifts. The lifts bring flexibility and mobility to the Pro-Wise Multi-touch Screen. The different options not only elevate the display but also lift the screen to the level of personal interaction, productivity and performance of the PC.

Battledown Center For Children

The special school got 4 HD Prowise screens with integrated PC modules along with a lift so that students could come to the front of the class, touch the screen and interact with lessons.

Jane (continuous improvement and communication coordinator) says-

“We were in need of updating Our ‘big screens’ in order to move with the times and integrate other devices such as ipads. We had been looking for a new solution for a while as an early year special schools it was imperative that the new system was user friendly for everyone. A local IT reseller asked if we would like a demo of Prowise. I saw the demo and I just knew it would work for us.”

The product is well established in Holland but is new to the UK. Prowise believes that there product will bring a change in the future digital screens that are installed in classrooms. The product comes with 5-year warranty as standard. This applies to all Prowise screens, lifts and accessories.

Key Features:

• Classroom Engagement! Send questions, votes, quizzes to ANY tablet device
• SAVE MONEY! No replacement projector bulb costs / management
• 10 Point Interactive Touch Screen (multiple students interact with screen)
• PC Built into Screen (no need to connect individual laptops)
• Cloud delivered lessons with free “presenter” software
• Existing lessons in SMART and ACTIV formats are fully compatible
• High-definition screen with Integrated speakers 


Prowise are reasonably priced starting at £1,399 for the ProWise 10 points Multi-touch Monitor, 42” with antiglare LED.

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