PlagTracker - Plagiarism Checker
Description:- PlagTracker is a web-based tool that scans content for plagiarism. PlagTracker finds any content that has been plagiarized, with a list of all the sources, from where the text is copied.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online Plagiarism Checker
  2. Checking
     Originality of text
  3. Checking sources from where text is copied

Platform:- Web

Usability:- PlagTracker isaneasy to use tool for students, teachers and other educators.It allows users to scan and detect plagiarism from the text document submitted,without logging in to the platform.Bycopying and pasting a text userscan submit their text to theplatform, and by giving the time totheplatform to scanadocument they will receivea plagiarism report analysed by the platform. The plagiarism report shows and highlightsthelines where citations are needed, along with any duplicate content, it also provides the links of copied sources. The report gives a percentage to show and state the amount of content that has beenplagiarized i.e. copied content from other sources. Plagtracker scans each and every word from top to bottom irrespective of the link, font size, colour and family. Only through a Premium account  userscan exclude the list of references from their text whichmakes iteasier to get more accurate information.


  • Free – Platform will mail you the desired result after taking time.
  • Premium – $14.99/month for Instant report, Grammar check, References processing

Our Review:- PlagTracker is a web-based tool for teachers and students who want to check text originality or plagiarism percentage before using it. Many students while working onthesame project,copytext from same sources, then checker or examiner will feel the need to check the originality of the document, which can be done by using PlagTracker. It is an amazing and useful tool for students and teachers to check for plagiarism. With features like reporting it provideslinks of the original copied source with proper highlightedlines. Sincetheplatform doesn’t require any prior training just a copy-paste is required to analyse the text which is useful for busy studentsand teachers who want to check plagiarism and protect their written work.

How to use it (Training Videos):-


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