Mobule EduTab - Tablet Based Smart Classroom Solution

Mobule EduTab - Tablet Based Smart Classroom Solution

From PCs to laptops and now to tablets, these devices hold a significant importance for educating in digital age.

Tablets can be very easy and convenient devices if have to be integrated in classrooms for learning and teaching in digital age. These mobile devices are handy and can be of great use; but how you can optimize this device in your hand solely for learning and teaching purposes is question to answer.  

What if your regular tabs are replaced by EduTabs that allows uninterrupted flow of education. From 1:1 teaching & learning to access to digital content offline, assignments, assessment, feedback evaluations, attendance, reports; all done with the help of one software in your regular Android tab.

EduTab Classroom is a Tablet Based smart classroom solution that works on a Wi-Fi network and with this on your Android tab you can easily collaborate, connect and operate all the classroom activities in digital mode. All you need is Wi-Fi to connect and login to get your hands on all the awesome features it offers. The solution completely automates the entire classroom activities from the very beginning attendance marking till the report generation. Local server allows data to be stored and retrieved as and when required. This unique solution takes care of students personalized learning needs and enables teachers to help students individually with their areas of problem. Also, teachers can create engaging content by adding videos, info graphics, animation, text files and other learning resources. Teachers can also use online streaming content if they want to. It also features an in built app store and wikipage. This digital library system represents vast information that can be accessed by user of EduTab. 

Some of the key features are:

- Teacher to Students connectivity through tablets.

- One to one teaching and learning.

- Digital Content Access through offline.

- One-touch Assessment systems like assignments, feedback's and quick polls.

- One touch Attendance.

- Easy evaluation systems like exams and questions banks.

- Various Reports Generations.

- Revolutionary user experience.

- Personalized learning.

- Multimedia enriched content.

“With a mission to replace the blackboards and notebooks from the conventional classrooms and to invent a revolutionary product that will enhance the students productivity and also make sure the usage of perfect digital content in classrooms. We believe that our product will make some big changes in the educational sector. We are on our mission to make the best possible use of tablets in education sector and also on a continuous effort to make it very user friendly and affordable." - Syam S PillaiCEO - Mobule EduTab Pvt.Ltd

Another software for those who love to learn language, EduTab Language Lab is the best instructional tool available for language learning. This educational solution brings assured benefits for both teachers as well as students in improving their language skills. This will be a fresh experience to everyone who wishes to explore their language skill and establish it to a standard platform. EduTab language lab is fully featured yet affordable language laboratory you will ever come across. User gets to record and compare with the standard model or the recorded version by teacher to assess the pronunciation and other aspects of a clear and fluent speech of the language.

Requirements, Technicality and Pricing of the Product: 

- Both products are designed for use in android platforms that is version 4.0 and above.

- The product will have a user-management mechanism.

- It allows registered users to access contents made available to them by the teacher or the administrator.

- The administrator or teacher can assign class-wise or level-wise assignments as per the requirements. - The administrator will have access to the entire network.

- The administrator can get into a particular user’s profile and edit or disable it.
- The user-friendly screen in the user management allows editing, setting permissions and assigning students to a teacher.

- The permissions and other modifications made by a teacher or administrator are saved automatically in the system.

- The administrator will have full control of the solution.

- There will be three levels of users in the network i.e. the administrator, teacher and students.

- Free Trial for 30 days and Rs.1200/ $20 for one year.

Have you tried Mobule EduTab till now?

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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