WolframAlpha - Computational Knowledge Engine

WolframAlpha  - Computational Knowledge Engine
Description:- WolframAlpha  is a computational knowledge based search engine which generates output in text, images, charts, tables,maps and graphs by doing performing computations with its own internal knowledge base.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Educational Search
  2. Solving Mathematical Questions
  3. Computational Searches

Platform:- Web, iPhone, iPad

Usability:- WolframAlpha  has an intuitive UI which allows users to search for their queries easily. Being a computational engine it allows users to enter any type of query, like text (alphabets, numeric or alphanumeric), pictures or files. On the left, the platform has useful features that include your search history, favourite searches and example searches to start off. Wolframalpha permits all new educators to explore search patterns through examples which cover categories like MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS, ENGINEERING, ASTRONOMY, EARTH SCIENCE etc. which is an excellent way to utilize its platform. Along with this, if any educators do not know what to search they can try the random tab which posts a random query through which they can learn a pattern. Also educators can share and favourite their prior queries for future access. Some mathematical queries involve different symbols that are not present on normal keyboards but exist in wolframalpha’s extended keyboard,that has all types of keys and is found in the pro version. Since platform is computing queries based on computation it provides differences in a tabular format.


  • Free
  • Wolfram Alpha Pro: Monthly subscription $4.99 ($2.99 for students)

Our Review:- Wolfram Alpha is an educational search engine which has the capability of interpreting and answering basic questions.The search engine allows users to solve their problem not just in mathematics but in many other categories. Features like‘Search History’ are useful in case users forget their previous searches. One of the good features is the ‘Share’ button that allows educators to add their favourite searches which can be displayed in the corresponding tab on the left column. Another extraordinary feature of this platform is the extended keyboard which allows educators to easily ask mathematical questions comprising of typical and rarely used symbols. It is not only a search engine but a calculator, encyclopedia, music database, dictionary etc. One of its best features is that whatever you search,the results will most likely include almost everything like texts, charts, graphs, tables, maps and images and you can expand most sections of the data for more information.It is a good tool for students and teachers to learn and grasp information quickly and solve a mathematical problem just by typing in a mathematical formula or query.

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