Xtranormal - Storytelling

Xtranormal - Storytelling
Description:- Xtranormal  is an animation, Storytelling solution that allows educators to use and create 3D animations using pre built templates that consists of characters and automated or custom voices.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Animated Video’s without 
    knowledge of flash and Photoshop
  2. Web-based 3D animated videos
  3. Interactive Class lessons

Platform:- Web, Desktop

Usability:- Xtranormal is an animation solution that is available for educators in web version and as a desktop application. Since for proper use the application needs to download components such as animation characters, background images from the internet ,so both versions need internet access and login. After a successful login, users can create their own interactive videos by choosing a style from categories of characters and templates. Also users can choose characters along with their costumes and skins, music and background noise. Educators can add speech as text, which will turn into an audio dialogue in creasing the engagement of the video. And while creation they can set their camera angles, position, gesture, colour etc. Since this tool is freemium,it has ‘point system’ which unlocks the paid actors and scenes. Before using, new educators can also watch featured movies and trending movies to get the overview of the actual video quality and features. With features like YouTube publishing educators can easily share and collaborate.

Prices: -

  • Basic - Free
  • Pack for Education - $10/month per teacher, $0.50/month per student
  • Professional -$50/month  

Our Review:- Xtranormal is a freemium movie making and animation application that allows educators to use and create short 3D animations using pre-built templates that consists of characters with automated or custom voices. Ease of use provides new educators with drag-and-drop tools that bring characters and stories to life, with conversational dialogues. With this platform, users can use text for audio dialogues to tell a story.  Also educators can create their own custom environment, text, select facial expressions, movements and postures. Students can use Xtranormal to broadcast their learnings on a specific topic by creating interactive videos in their school or classroom. With features like Download, Featured, Trending videos educators can easily track new activities. Teachers can create "how to" videos on a specific topic for the class to understand, share with their students, parents. With features like publish on YouTube users can easily share their learnings with other educators for better collaboration. Since it does not require any prior knowledge of animation  to use the platform, it has proved to be a great tool for teachers and students.

How to use it (Training Videos):-



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