Starfall - Learn to Read with Phonics
Description:- Starfall is a freemium website for kindergartners to learn curriculum in an easy and engaging way with proper audio and visual animations. 

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Kindergarten learning Platform
  2. Engaging animation videos for small kids
  3. Phonics-based  Learning System

Platform:- Web


Usability:- Starfall is a good service for reading and learning alphabets, numbers, number tables, etc. with ease. Starfall is available for free along with a low-cost annual membership that unlocks a variety of additional learning games. Its layout is good for students as the buttons are big and colourful and sometimes just a single click is needed to get an answer. Every chapter consists of different sounds with multiple letter combinations. With every new lesson, the educator gets additional animation and art activities included like additional books, colours, phonics, songs, stories and rhymes which make learning more engaging.Easy usability allows kids to find numerical solutions, just by dragging numbers over the right places. Along with this, for new readers there are so many new ways to learn like simple phrases, sentences with simple to complex stories,appropriate for small kids. For teachers, the platform has a lounge area where they can have amazing resources with varieties of printable and a step-by-step guide for lesson plans. Also, every part of the page is made fun and easy to memorize, with the help of songs and visual animations, which kids find very interesting.

Prices: -

  • Free
  • Home Membership ($35)
  • Teacher's Membership ($70): One Teacher and up to 6 simultaneous students
  • Classroom Membership ($150): One Classroom at school. 1 Class List
  • School Membership ($270): One school campus


Our Review:- Starfall is a good tool for kindergarten students to learn lessons in an interactive and easy way. Starfall provides interactive, motivating, and engaging lessons on almost all subjects required by kindergartners in a fun way. Starfall uses a phonics-based learning system which is available online as well as with printable lessons and is a great way to learn.For extra information on games and stuff educators can switch to more Starfall . Also teachers and small kids can print their story books for better learning and fun. One good feature is that kids learn and absorb easily with the help of games, and take a test that is present at the end of every lesson. Teachers can manage their own class curriculum by using a calendar to capture and review each day’s task and learning in a proper format. The colourful pictures representing sounds and words help language learners to learn new vocabulary and comprehension skills.  is a good resource for parents and small kids to learn in an easy way with the help of an engaging format and a well defined content.

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