Piazza - Ask | Answer | Explore | Whenever

Piazza - Ask | Answer | Explore | Whenever
Description:- Piazza is a free online Q&A and discussion place where students can ask, answer, and explore 24/7, under the guidance of their instructors.

Pain Point/Need:-

  1. Online Question Answer Platform
  2. Online Collaboration Tool
  3. Online Teacher Student

Platform:- Web, Android, IPhone and IPad

Usability:- For getting started, Instructors have to sign-up and add their college-level courses. After activating their accounts, Instructors have the option to invite students and teaching assistants to join. Piazza layout allows educators to discuss and have conversation on a specific question. Instructors have the permission to edit the class content so that they can recognize everyone’s contribution in the class, and all responses are color-coded which allows educators to distinguish between an Instructor’s comments and those of the students. Also, an instructor can endorse a student’s answer and can see a student’s participation report. Educators can manage announcements, course information and syllabus along with course resources using the course page and can use the announcements section to reach the entire class by making an announcement. Also students can directly ask for an anonymous feedback by posting a question, or poll after a lecture. This encourages anonymous private posts with an opportunity for detailed comments, discussions and learning and is a good way for collaborative learning.

Prices:- Free

Our Review:- Piazzais a good and useful product for students and teachers. Using piazza, students can learn from each other and interact with the classroom members. Instructors have the full privilege to monitor and see learning patterns of each and every student by watching the student participation report. Also, they can encourage students to ask and answer questions on any topic for which they can reward or applaud them by endorsing their good content and understanding. Features like coloured comments allow educators for easy management and interaction. One of the best features is that, educators can also post questions anonymously, if they want their identity to be kept hidden. Also for collaboration, the platform allows students and instructors to connect by posting and replying to questions and notes in real-time. With features like monitoring of reports teachers can easily track a student’s progress. Piazza has proved to be a good online learning platform for educators with better collaborative features.

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