SweetSearch - Search Engine for Students

Description:- Sweet Search is a Search Engine for Students which provides results that are reviewed by research experts, librarians and teacher consultants.

Pain Point/Need: -

  1. Online Educational Search Engine
  2. Easy management of search results, bookmarks
  3. Relevant results from a list of Resources

Platform:- Web

Usability:- For getting started the user only needs to enter a query in the search bar. For results, the search engine parses the content of each site and presents main points in the form of bullet lists within the search results page. This allows educators to easily scan through the important sections of the returned search results, and using the checkbox against each result, the users can perform operations that are available on the right hand side of the screen. Also for easy access of information the site allows a preview of its pages, by clicking on the bullet points. Along with this, SweetSearch’s sidebar allows users to export their selections as bookmarks to Google Docs or to social networks for future access.  Users can create a new document with a nicely formatted summary of the information selected by them, by using the Google Docs option. For easy access, users can add some really great widgets to their website so that students can access all the information from a single page only.

Prices:- Free

Our Review:- SweetSearch  is a search engine for education purposes, that searches and shows only the relevant sites that are reviewed or approved by a team of experienced librarians, teachers etc. It consists of information which is a collection of great web resources for classroom use which is again free, intuitively organized, and accessible. One of the good features of SweetSearch is that it represents search results in the form of bullet points for easy access. Another feature is that it allows users to export their links and bookmarks to Google Docs or to social sharing networks. With widgets, schools or teachers can include SweetSearch in their websites or blogs to provide better information access to their students. SweetSearch is a good search engine that excludes results from the irrelevant, unreliable sites that rank high in other search engines’ results, thereby reducing time wastage, and providing other supplementary add-ons like SweetSearch4Me, which is a search engine created for elementary school students, to provide effective learning.

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