Use QuoDeck to Create Mobile Learning Content Easily and Quickly

Use QuoDeck to Create Mobile Learning Content Easily and Quickly

QuoDeck is an end to end tool which allows one to create and host elearning and mobile learning content easily and quickly.

Using this tool, one can create content with game based elements ready for all devices, from desktop, tab to mobiles. QuoDeck allows one to create flashcards, quizzes, interactive modules easily.

Pain Points/Needs:

Mobile Learning, Content Creation, Classroom Management; Exercise, Quiz & Poll Creators; Flashcards; Game-Based Learning; Individualized Education Program; Interactive Project Creators; Learning Management System; Presentation Creators

Platform: iOS, Web, Android


Here are a couple of ways one can use QuoDeck for educational purposes.

1. A teacher can create flashcards about important words with their meanings and share with the class.

2. A teacher can create flashcards about important concepts with examples and share with the class.

3. A teacher can create an image quiz about famous scientists.

4. A teacher can create a video quiz about different types of animals.

5. A teacher can create a fun quiz for revision.

6. A teacher can create their lessons on QuoDeck and make them available for revision.

7. A teacher can ask students to create their projects on QuoDeck and ask other students to review it as well.

8. A teacher can ask Students to create their homework on QuoDeck and submit. Plus, this can be available for other students as well.

9. A teacher can host a quiz competition using QuoDeck.

10. A teacher can ask students to create a quiz and reward the best quiz creator.


After creating account with the website, you can easily create study material known as “QuoDecks” that can be used as flashcards, for revision purposes, given as homework assignments and in many more ways. As you log in to your account,  you get an informative guideline tour as to how to use the tool. You can choose among 6 templates which are blank, flashcards, picture quiz, video quiz, multiple choice question and concepts. These templates enables you to create game like study material that keeps students engaged and interested throughout. You get the options to change colour, theme, add media and other resources to make your material informative. Also, by adding a category that are already mentioned in the tool it is easier for students to search the QuoDeck that you’ve created once you publish it.

The other part of the tool is Micro LMS. This is a paid service and is designed to provide an easy and effective mobile learning experience.

Download the whitepaper on Micro-Learning to understand more about the QuoDeck and how it helps in efficient learning.

With minimal set-up and management, it is perfect for quick deployment of learning/training content for a team or a class. You can create a Micro-LMS on QuoDeck by clicking on the "Create Micro-LMS" button on the homepage.  


It works on a Freemium model.

There are 2 parts to QuoDeck.

QuoDeck Creator and QuoDeck MicroLMS.

QuoDeck Creator is free. You can create as many quizzes, flashcards and gamified decks as you want for free. You can share these with others as well.

QuoDeck MicroLMS is what you pay for. You can host your gamified decks on QuoDeck's MicroLMS and track your learners on it.

Our Review:

In our opinion, it is a good tool to create small micro sized learning material that is apt for revision purposes, to add some creativity educators can ask their students to create QuoDeck on different topics and exchange them in the class with other students. The ease user gets with the available templates is great. The different templates enable the user to create various type of learning material.    


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