Mindomo: Real-Time Mind Mapping & Brainstorming

Mindomo: Real-Time Mind Mapping & Brainstorming

Description:- Mindomo is a mind-mapping tool for educators through which they can document their ideas and plans in a proper working layout with real-time brainstorming and collaboration.

Pain Point/Need:-

  • Mind-Mapping tool
  • Online/Offline Mind-Map
  • Capture strategies, ideas & plans in structured way

Platform:- Web, Desktop, Android, iPad, iPhone

Usability:- Getting started with Mindomo account is simple and free. Mindomo allows educators to easily visualize their ideas or projects through mind maps with extended features like media, hyperlinks, and attachments. For creating engaging maps educators can upload files like images, video or audio files or any zipped files, in all sizes. Mindomo allows integrated YouTube videos, audio content and links to webpages within each topic and other relations. Educators can easily share their maps by sending invitations via mail or through social platforms. With sync feature, users can easily manage their work offline and online. For collaboration, Mindomo provides real-time integrated (chat and comments) with the Like and Dislike for different map elements. Mindomo allows users to export to the MindMap in a fixed number of formats. Educators can easily assign a priority and completion status to a task or resource(s) with proper time spans.

Prices: -

  • Free  3 maps
  • Premium $6 per month 1 User
  • Professional $15 per month 1 User 5 Guests
  • Team $29 per month 5 Users

Our Review: - Mindomo is a mind mapping application for educators to plan out and map their ideas and create thoughts in a structured way. Ease of use allows educators to add a topic or a subtopic to a node, drawing a relationship between two nodes, changing font, and adding emoticons with links and multimedia files to a node. Educators can utilize features like tasks, notes and bookmarks for better management of resources and time. Mindomo provides strong privacy settings through which users can create and share publicly or privately and also share password protected maps with their colleagues. With good features like chat, comments and notes educators can easily collaborate on a particular topic or map. Also for better engagement, Mindomo provides icons that represent symbols like flags, smileys, status, etc. Mindomo is a good tool for educators like teachers and students who want to brainstorm and structure their ideas, plans and strategies in a proper workflow.

How to use it (Training):-

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