How GenextStudents is Helping Through Online Tutoring Services for CBSE & ICSE

How GenextStudents is Helping Through Online Tutoring Services for CBSE & ICSE

Description: is a technology enabled tutoring platform that provides online tutorials, sample question papers, notes, tests, videos along with tutor connect for CBSE & ICSE boards for classes 1 – 12.

It help students in improving their knowledge as well as scoring better marks by combining digital content and aggregates unbranded tutors for personalized learning.

Their aim is to transform the traditional approach of education into a fun, easy and more effective way of learning. The digital content includes notes, sample question papers, videos, and e-books. Along with digital content they offer extensive assessment and performance analysis tools. Also, they provide the professional home tutors which are verified and branded Genext Tutors. These tutors are enabled using their state-of-the-art technology platform. Using this they can track real-time performance of their students, prepare worksheets for kids, and send updates to parents.

Pain Points/Needs: Digital Textbooks; Exercise, Quiz & Poll Creators; Exercises & Worksheets; Game-Based Learning; Student Assessments; Study Aids; Tutoring; Visual Aids

Platform: Android, Desktop

Usability: Genext students APP is the India's first hybrid model of digital study content and tutoring. With their student APP and tutor APP they are helping students with their unqiue education needs.

In student APP, they provide digital study content, previous year question papers, Nabumania fun interacting gaming on chapters, video learning and test generator to create a test on any chapter. They also provide benchmark test to analyze the weak and strong sections of students and ask a doubt section to communicate the doubts and which will be answered by the tutors in less than a day.

With their analysis module, a student can see the progress report to understand the syllabus completion and scoring. For those who need personalized physical learning they provide home tutors.

In tutor APP, they provide study content and tools to analyze the performance of student.

So when student gave any quiz their score automatically gets updated to tutor APP and tutor can see the performance report for each test student has given and analyze the completion of syllabus. Also tutor can send the group messages to the students.

Walkthrough: After signing up user have to fill up the categories according to their class, board and subject and chapter they want to study. Available board are CBSE, ICSE, RBSE and UP. Choose from study material, Nabumania (game based learning), sample papers, NCERT Books or videos whatever suits you the best. To track the level of study, user can check the analytics page from where you can check the progress of individual subject, chapter and each sub level (topic).  The app follows a freemium model of monetization, where the first 3 chapters of any subject from any class are free, while the rest are paid. Each class’s subjects study materials are available for Rs 900 per download.     

At present Genext Students caters to school students from class 1-12.

Pricing: Product downloading as well as registration is free.

Up to 20% of study content is also free of cost.

Our Review: Genext Student App is a good way to engage kids with their education. With multiple options to study, kids will definitely find something that works the best for them along with their school education. Also it adds value to the study material with the assessment option as they can self-assess. Those looking for private tutors can easily find one via the app.

Every school-goer will love it. 


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