Elastic Alphabets: The Ideal Place to Explore ABC for Kids

Elastic Alphabets: The Perfect Place to Explore ABC for Kids

I have found parents usually landing up on Google for search of relevant videos and games for their kids. 

With the intent to help parents by sharing a perfect resource to start with, I would recommend Elastic Alphabets which is aimed to facilitate kids to identify alphabets and the words derived from each letter of alphabet as "The Ideal Place to Explore ABC for KIds".

Elastic Alphabets has been developed with the constant feedback of kids / parents and teachers. There can't be any better way to teach letters and words with just simple line drawings and animations. The apps and games already have close to 11 million downloads.

Pain Points/Needs: Adaptive Learning, Game-Based Learning, Video Content, Educational Games

Platform: iOS, Android

Walkthrough: This app is simple to use but will delight both you and your child. Simply tap the play button and the letter “A” will appear. If your child swipes up, down, to the left or to the right the letter will transform into several different animations depending on the direction they swipe. Once you have seen all of the animations, tap the arrow button again and words that begin with that letter will appear with their own animations. This continues through all the letters of the alphabet. You can also change the settings so the app uses lowercase letters instead of uppercase letters.

Pricing: For Android, freemium model is available with $2.99 for the paid version and the iOS Paid app is for $3.99

Usability: The game is aimed to facilitate kids to identify alphabets and the words derived from each letter of alphabet. Each of the letters associated with three words that start with particular letter of alphabet. Words are rendered visually for driving the appeal amongst kids and to make them aware of the meaning of those words.

Each and every animation is clean and precise and educator / teacher recommended handmade pencil drawings. When we tested the application with kids, kids were immersed with entertaining and funny sounds of those animations.

This alphabet game aims to teach kids recognition of letters by creating them utilizing different shapes and styles, while also teaching the phonics and three words associated with each letter.

We use words starting with Short Vowel sounds throughout the game as they are much more consistent in their spellings makes them the perfect place to start.

Key Features:

-750+ animations of letters and associated words.

-Words with short vowels , perfect for early learning.

-Engaging correlation between alphabets and words.

-Support for both uppercase and lowercase alphabets.

-Short vowel phonics and words.

-Kid friendly character Gigi.

Our Review:

In our opinion the game is a good way to start with alphabet learning with your kid. The game covers various aspects of initial learning like phonics, vowels, uppercase &lowercase letters and more. The fun animated characters make it engaging for kids to learn and understand the concept. Also the transition of associated words for each letter is cool. This is definitely recommended to try with your kid today.


Considering the positive response it is getting throughout the community, we thought of quoting the feedback it has received from other review platfroms:

Review by "Teachers With Apps":

“Elastic Alphabets for kids is a big hit. Elastic Alphabet for Kids the new app on the block to simply mesmerize young children with the uncomplicated concept that kids can relate to, line drawings. Noun after noun of child-friendly words are illustrated and accompanied by surprising animations. An apple transforms into an arrow and ultimately leads to the letter B, a balloon pops and out comes the letter C and so the app unfolds!”

Review by "Smart Apps for kids"

Elastic Alphabet is a game that is designed to introduce youngsters to the alphabet using clean, simple animations. Follow Gigi through the alphabet and be introduced to a world of letters and sounds

Review by Best Apps for kids:

“Elastic Alphabets Reviewed and rated 4.5 Stars. Elastic Alphabets for Kids is a remarkably entertaining app designed to review and reinforce letter recognition and beginning phonics with young children, ESL students, and students with special needs”.

You find lot of details about app in presskit here.

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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