Babbel - Online Language Learning

Babbel - Online Language Learning

Description: - Babbel is an online tool for language learning in multiple languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, English etc. with test that enhance listening and speaking skills.

Pain point/Need: - 

1.    Online Language Learning
2.    Foreign Language Course.

Platform: - Web, iPhone, Android

Usability: - Registration for an account is simple as it asks for username, email address and language that you speak now & want to learn. Educators have to subscribe to unlock the lessons as one subscription belongs just for one language. In the beginning of the course, every course starts by using pictures associated with words with predefined translation. Babbel allows educators to decide and proceed according to their level of understanding and interest in every subscribed course. With each course babble test each educator by various types of puzzles where user has to submit and write correct spelling and word associated with the picture. The site allows the users to chat, add friends and send messages. The Chat lets the user choose to chat with native speakers of their desired language, also educators have the choice to email and text chat with other users, and post questions on the active forums. 

Prices: -
•    1 Month -  US$ 12.95 per month
•    3 Months - US$ 8.95 per month
•    6 Months - US$ 7.45 per month

Our Review: - Babbel is a great website for language learning which gives one free lesson in each section for educators to understand and proceed further. Babbel is a user friendly and intuitive platform hence provides educators to learn and practice their language listening and speaking skills. Babbel provides medium for educators to communicate with other fellow language learners to communicate around the world. Good feature is that user will get overall defined set of objectives and structure of course to learn. One of the good thing is that each lesson is divided into 2 parts along with a review. Also platform provides dedicated lessons to learn pronunciations with grammar and vocabulary lessons. With scores achieved in a course, educators can check their progress and weaknesses of the test. One of the good feature is platform has many different languages which allows user to learn more and better.

How to use it (Training):-

Contact Us – To know on more how to use 

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