How This Platform Instantly Connects Students, Graduate & Entrepreneurs With Global Micro/Small Businesses

Werkabee is the first global work experience & entrepreneurship matchmaking platform.

It instantly connects millennial students, graduates & entrepreneurs with the global micro/small business market. Werkabee delivers an instant, ranked shortlist of a user's strongest matches in their home city or in any city worldwide, and allows them to contact each other directly though the platform via instant messaging or live video chat.

Pain Points/Needs: Job and Candidate Search

Platform: Web

Walkthrough: Bringing suitable candidates to those in search of talent, this platform helps both ends with their recruitment needs. Werkabee’s profile data deliver a ranked, fully-manageable shortlist of the strongest matches in seconds. It's a powerful magnet for the individuals, organizations and opportunities you need, worldwide. Also, Werkabee add-ons make career preparation fun. Take a personality test, record a practice interview or experience different 'virtual work environments' with cool 'World-of-Werk' game. Werkabee is a place where personality and fit really matter. Create your own brand and show the things about yourself that businesses care most about, like passions, attitude, goals and values. Because the platform is not launched yet we couldn’t dig deeper as of now but those interested can get connected to community by joining their waiting list simply by providing their e-mail ids and getting registered as a potential user for a FREE account.    

Pricing: Werkabee at this stage is a full design prototype only. It needs software development to become functional.

It will be having two subscription options-

1) Werkabee (standard features) - Free for students and businesses (different feature levels)

2) Werkabee More (full feature)- £5 per month, £10 per 3 months or £50 per 12 months for students, £10 per month, £20 per 3 months or £100 per 12 months for businesses (different feature levels)

Usability: Students, graduates & entrepreneurs will use Werkabee to be matched with the right organizations, opportunities and people to enhance their early career development (as early as high school), in their home city or anywhere they want to go worldwide.

Werkabee instantly connects them with the global business community to network and discuss opportunities for Work experience, Internships, Entrepreneurship, Volunteering, Mentoring, and Research.

There is no applying to individual vacancies involved. Users contact each other directly through the platform via instant messaging or live video chat.

Businesses and individual professionals (predominantly the micro/small business market) who are seeking to hire new talent or find business collaborators will use Werkabee to connect with the global student, graduate & entrepreneurial community in exactly the same way.

Our Reviews: In our opinion this is one of the most awaited platforms to be launched soon. Helping people with their most important need, the platform comes out with an interesting approach to solve the concern on both ends. It is easier for candidates to find a suitable match and give their best to the area of their interest also organizations get a chance to hire the perfect candidate for their needs. The best feature seems to the ease for both ends to connect and communicate directly via the platform not needing to change any further information. Werkabee is an easier way to find connections, collaborators and opportunities to advance your career. We will recommend you to join the Werkabee waiting list and get your hands on their service as soon as it comes out.     


Explainer video shows just what Werkabee is about:

And check out how it works:

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