Why You Would Love This Tool to Track & Manage Assets, Promote Digital Citizenship in Schools

Why You Would Love This Tool to Track & Manage Assets, Promote Digital Citizenship in Schools

Integration of technology provides students access to web world that can lead to their interface with inappropriate content that is pervasive on the internet.

In order to keep kids safe and on the right track to use technology many people use software that help them limit the usage of web and track users’ activities over web. But this tool not just helps you keep students safe but also serves as a learning management and classroom management system.

AristotleInsight::K12 allows teachers and administrators to see how students choose to spend time using technology, and to create educational opportunities from these poor choices. Allowing students online freedom of choice, while holding them accountable for choices, promotes AUP compliance without stifling creativity.
Teachers can use AristotleInsight::K12 to monitor printers, PCs, and Macs to see how students are using technology in the classroom. It allows schools to measure application/device usage, locate lost/stolen devices, CIPA compliant filtering, real-time alerts of dangerous/inappropriate behavior, and complete student use visibility. This is an extremely powerful tool that allows teachers and admins to monitor student's technology use without having to walk around each classroom. With hands on this tool you never have to wonder about student’s online activity again — make your online network as visible as your hallways with AristotleInsight::K12.

Pain Points/Needs: Classroom Management, Internet Filters, Learning Management System, Reporting Systems, Student Information System

Platform: Compatible with Web, Android, Desktop (& Mac) 

Distinct Features:

With this tool, integration of technology is at its best as administrators can:

  • Track detailed use of Google apps, web apps, and software so that students use the web for right purposes.
  • Promotes Digital Citizenship by Detecting and Deterring Cyber Bullying.
  • See true navigation when proxies are used to bypass filters.
  • Daily email summary of inactive computers and inappropriate content accessed.
  • Manage Chromebooks by Device ID, Asset ID, or Serial Number.
  • Geo-locate Chromebooks.
  • True-Up Process Reports.
  • Track printer usage, see who is printing what.
  • Find exactly when and how Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and learning applications are used.
  • Filter Inappropriate content.
  • Chromebook activity monitoring both on/off Internet.
  • The Tech Department’s time need not be wasted compiling data and drafting reports to satisfy regulations. AristotleInsight::K12 automatically tracks resources and compiles reports, allowing you to spend your day enriching the technology experience for students.
  • Track use of intervention and catch-up software; make purchasing decisions based upon actual use.
  • Utilization reports make proving compliance to regulators efficient and stress free.
  • Know exactly how many software licenses you have purchased compared to how many you have in use.
  • Know the exact geo location of your Chromebooks and how they are being used at all times.
  • It also shows you exactly how many licenses you have purchased compared to how many you have in use. This means that you don’t overspend on licenses, and are prepared to prove compliance to the BSA.


Licensed to schools/districts and typically based on number of agents. Also, it varies based on school's unique IT environment.


The product is useful as follows:

For Teachers: Maintain student focus, monitor student technology use, CIPA Filtering, and teach digital citizenship.

For Admins/Leaders: Find lost/stolen devices, monitor student technology use, create teachable moments, and improve learning outcomes.

For Tech Staff: Find lost/stolen devices, True-up reporting, software/device inventory, and technology use reporting.

Our Review: In our opinion this is a new way to manage the use of technology in the institution. This school asset manager does most of the work that becomes the major concern of the authority in the institution. Helping administration and educators, it covers maximum functions and improves the learning outcomes. With this powerful tool educators and administration can integrate technology without having to worry about the negative aspects of the using web.

Know more about the tool from their website.

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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