MeeGenius - Ebooks for Kids

MeeGenius - Ebooks for Kids

Description: - MeeGenius is an application which provides a selection of classic children's stories that enhance learning,with features like word highlighting, audio playback and isavailable on the Web,iPhone, iPadiTouch, Google TV and Google Chrome Web Store.

Pain point/Need: -

  1. Online Story Books
  2. Kindergarten Stories

Platform: - Web, Apple iPhone, iPad or iTouch, Google TV and Google Chrome Web Store.

Usability: - For getting started,usersneed to create a MeeGenius user account,which they can syncwiththeir web and mobile devices. MeeGenius providesabookstore forchildrento read and learn in an engaging way. The bookstore provides ease of access to the users by sorting books alphabetically or categorically.It provides free as well as paid books, which can be accessed by users by navigating to them.The platform also allowsstorywritersand publishers to add their books to the collection. Also, users have an option to either listen to a story or read it by themselves). With access on iPhone/iPad, Google TV, Google Chrome Web extension,educatorscan add a whole new dimension to storytelling with fun.

Prices: - Free, Some books are $0.99-4.99

Our Review: - MeeGeniusprovidesa collection of online story books for children.Theplatform hasagood and intuitive UI which allowschildrento listentostories or read them. One of the good featuresis that during audio playbacktheplatformhighlights wordswhichallowskids to listen and read simultaneously for better conversational and listening skills. Withabunch of good free and paid books,sorted alphabetically or by category, users can navigate to and access them easily. Another goodfeature of MeeGenius is that parents can mold stories bycustomizing the character names, to make them more interesting and fun. Along with this, theplatform allows variety of different publishers to sell their booksthrough it’s Bookstore. MeeGenius is a good story book app forchildrento learn inanengaging and interactive manner.

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