[For Educators] Create Your Own Comic Book & Storyboards with Pixton Comics

[For Educators] Create Your Own Comic Book with Pixton Comics

Pixton is an easy to use comic storyboarding software for schools and educators.

It is a do-it-yourself site where kids can use an incredible palette of tools to create and share original comics.

Pain Points/Needs:

Common Core Standards; Digital Storybooks; Digital Storytelling Creators; Language Learning; Lesson Plans; Printable Materials; Student Assessments


iOS, Android, Web, Desktop


After registering as a user and filling the details of the institution the platform takes time to verify the details. Once the details are verified you are good to go with the platform. In the Tech Administrator mode, you have the options to integrate Google apps, LMS single sign-on and CVS Upload/Direct Input. From there itself you have the other option is to switch to Teacher/Administrator mode by creating a Group. Name the group, select the grade and the subject and you are good to go. The platform is available for K-12 and higher education. Also, those looking for creating special storyboards for languages, special education or other areas can use the platform. After filling all the requirements you can proceed with creating your activities.

To create activities, you can easily import lesson plans from any curated library of subject-specific activities or start from the scratch. The available material from the library is a must check. The library features many topics under the chosen subject. Also, every topic has a step guided teachers’ guide. You simply have to choose an activity and import it from the library. Make changes to the activity as you wish to. Add title, due date, instructions or an added comic for students to have a clue. Save changes and view your activity. In this preview mode you can make sure if you want any further changes. Educators can also print or download the activity.

To assign that activity to your students you simply have to share the activity code with students and direct them to the link of the activity page. When students open that link they have to mention the activity code along with their real name and username. From there students can easily create a comic by opting for a layout from various options available. The site shows many layouts including comic strip, storyboard graphic novel and more.

While creating the comic students can add text, character, prop, background, image and make it just the way they want. Add comments to make points to the teacher and submit it from there only.   


30 Day free trial with per student pricing starting at 30 cents per student a month USD with discounts for larger classrooms.


Pixton helps children write. Comics are far more engaging than something like an essay. Combining pictures helps aid understanding particularly for things like language training and ESL/ELL classes.

Our Review:

In our opinion the tool is a good way to engage students in the learning experience. Also it provides ease for educators by covering wide topics and having a library from where teachers can directly pick the activities. Comic-building tools are unbelievably easy to use and simple click-and-drag actions let users create and customize all parts of their comic. Users can even upload photos to their comic or just pop through to Flickr commons and borrow one there.

Pixton’s multiple awards (Webby, People’s Choice, Digital Media to name a few) are well-earned and well-deserved. 

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