How Explorable Places Makes Finding and Booking Field Trips Easy

How Explorable Places Makes Finding and Booking Field Trips Easy

Explorable Places is an online platform that makes it easy for teachers to find and book field trips based on what they are teaching in school.

Teachers can filter field trip places by subject, grade, activity, location and price to find the perfect trip. They can learn more about each location and the field trips they offer. Then teachers can book the field trips that they want right online. Explorable Places makes finding and booking field trips quick and easy!


The service is available for iOS, Web, Android, Desktop


The platform is entirely free for teachers.


Getting outside the classroom makes learning stick and creates a lasting impression on students. But on the other end preparing and planning the same trip can be a little problematic for teachers as availability is not confirmed. With this tool teachers don't have to waste time to do all the legwork. Explorable Places, have done all the legwork for all the educators who are planning to take kids on a fieldtrip to add more to their education. Each venue has been vetted by them to be sure there are programs that engage and inspire your students. You simply have to mention the city you want to explore and you’re good to go with it. Once you mention the location the site redirects you to a page where you can mention your requirements. There are filters where you can mention the subject you want to focus on, the grade/class you are taking out, a lot of activities are mentioned out of which you can opt for the ones you want your kids to indulge in, requirement of accommodation if any and also the budget of your trip to make your experience the best out your pocket.  


Field trips are an important part of classroom practice. Getting out of the classroom into local parks, libraries, gardens, museums and ecology centers gives students the opportunity to connect what they learn to the real world and makes learning stick. Right now, teachers spend hours researching field trips on google, then more time trying to coordinate field trips via phone calls and emails to institutions. On Explorable Places a teacher can quickly look up field trips based on the topic they are teaching then find and book the perfect one.

Also, teachers do not need an account to use the platform. They are currently based in New York City, so searching for field trips in New York works best. However they have plans to expand this year.

Our Review:

In our opinion this platform is one of its kinds. With changing times it is important for kids to explore and move out of the classroom to explore more about what they study for real life experiences. This platform makes it easy for educators to make it happen. Teachers can easily book the trip for students and that cuts down a lot of hassle making the trip easy and planned.  Also the various filters available give the educator surety and variety to pick from. Educators who like to plan field trips must give this tool a try. 

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