WriteReader: Tool for Teaching Kids to Read and Write

Tool for Teaching Kids to Read and Write

Reading and writing continues to the essentials for every student’s education journey.

This new tool is helping students in making the best out of it. WriteReader promotes creativity and teaches children to read by enabling them to write and publish their own digital books. It is ideal for kindergartens, primary schools and home users (K-5), accessible on all browsers and devices from anywhere. It requires a quick 30 second sign-up for teachers, which allows them to edit children’s books on the go and share with parents.

Pain Points/Needs:

Adaptive Learning; Common Core Standards; Digital Storytelling Creators; Language Learning; Lesson Plans


Web App


User simply needs to do a quick signup and you are good to go with this amazing tool.   Instead of kids drawing a picture and writing a few sentences about it kids do all of that in-app. Plus, they can publish their writing in an ebook that can be easily shared with parents. This keeps parents, students and teachers in one loop and they all are aware of the students’ performance.

This writing tool lets kids write their own stories in their own words. Teachers can then translate kids' writing using proper spelling and conventions. Books can be shared, printed, or published, with a teacher permission and assistance, using the in-app library. Kids can also read other kids' writing that has been published in the library. To create their own books, kids tap the plus sign to add a new book and then give their book a title and author and add a cover image. They can then add text, voice narration, thought or speech bubbles, and images to each page of the book, which can have up to 40 pages. Kids can tap the speech icon to have their teacher's comments read aloud. It also boosts students’ confidence and pushes them to do better. Also, supporting documents about the app and its method are included on the developer's website, and they're a great boon to teachers and parents alike.


The web app is currently free for all the users.


For teachers - Sign up for a free account and set up your class. Provide the automatically generated class code to your students. Students can start writing on interesting topics based on their interests and experiences.

For inspiration, take a look at the sample lesson plans:


After books are created by students, they can easily be published into Kids library to be shared with friends and family.

Our Review:

This app is great for bringing the best out of students. Students can make their own book by importing pictures from their camera roll or taking a photo while writing.  The app includes a color-coded keyboard with vowels being red and consonants being blue. Students add their own title and author and input their sentence on one line.  The teacher can make corrections as needed below the student’s sentence. This app helps in writing for K-2nd grade. 


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