Speechify: Improve your English Fluency with Expert Teachers

Speechify: Improve your English Fluency with Expert Teachers

Speechify connects students who want to learn English from their home with expert trainers.

Speechify trains the teachers and equip them with quality content to make sure that every student gets an extra-ordinary quality of spoken English. The classes are given through Skype video calling and students also get customized learning content from Speechify app. Speechify makes sure that tutors are available 24x7 and students can learn anytime they want.

Pain Points: Tutoring, Teacher collaboration

Platform: iOS, Android, Web Desktop

Usability: Speechify is made for people who want to learn and improve their spoken English and communication skills. They connect students with quality trainers at any time they want. This makes sure that students don't have to look out for trainers and commute. Speechify ensures the quality of trainers by a stringent screening and on-boarding process.

Walkthrough: Teaching spoken English via video lectures, the tool is good to help all those aiming to learn the language. The expert teachers design the course as per students’ current level and requirements. This makes sure that areas where improvement is required are worked upon properly. The classes are conversation driven, so user gets a lot of constructive speaking practice. The emphasis on speaking makes sure that user overcome all the inhibitions and become a fluent speaker. In the first class, the teacher will assess the current skill level and based on that experts will design a customized plan for the students. The experts will evaluate through carefully drafted conversations. Besides this, background and motivation to learn will also be discussed extensively for a deeper understanding of the learning needs of the student.

Once your plan is ready, you will be given various exercises before every session with the instructor. These exercises will be focused on grammar, vocabulary, learning and conversational skills. All these exercises will be accessible through the mobile app. The results of these exercises will be shared with the instructor.

In the instructor-led classes, the online video class, you will converse with our expert instructor. This will cover the knowledge to apply the concepts of pre-class exercises in conversation. The lesson will be imparted in a conversational style for most of the time. Students will speak on a variety of topics with the help of the instructors. These classes will help in achieving fluency and overcoming inhibitions.

After the lesson with the instructor, students will receive a video recording of the lesson with feedback from the instructor. Also, students will get listening exercises – audio/video for a wholesome development of your language skills.

Price: Speechify provides 3 one-hour long classes every week on Skype and provides quality content on their app. For this, they charge 3,600 per month from student for the basic plan with higher fee and added features for premium and advanced plans. Students also get a free class on registration.

Our Review: Speechify is a good tool for those who are looking for improving their fluency in spoken English. Connecting students with expert tutors and helping them learn via online video classes helps students learn easily. With their app, it’s even easier for students to access their lesson plans and assignments anytime and the interface gets simplified with the ease of application for the students. This is a simple yet powerful tool, a savior for those looking to work on fluency of the language.

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