Lingolistic - Bringing New Approach to Language Learning

Lingolistic - Bringing New Approach to Language Learning

Learning a language is, today, not only a must, but above all, a free access to the world.

The biggest obstacle in learning a language is the impossibility to practice it. Lingolistic has been created for that. Lingolistic seems to be the perfect ally to reinforce the learning of a language. Available now, Lingolistic is a brand new application created to strengthen any languages previously learned.

“Whether it is Mandarin Chinese or Italian, there are many exciting possibilities. Lingolistic has the potential to transform the way we approach language learning. This site is for everyone wishing to travel the globe, expand their professional network, increase their language skills.” Said by Lingolistic founder, Armel Pingault.

What distinguishes this online language platform from others is that in this competitive app-based learning market Lingolistic doesn’t want to compete against other popular learning applications; this new app has been designed to lead your language skills to another level and boost it.

To put it in minimal words, it has been designed to increase language learning in a fraction of the time.

Not to forget the tool offers a complete cinematic dictionary from some of pop-culture’s most noted programs such as Game of Thrones’ famous language: the Dothraki as well.

The tool is available as a free download on the App Store and the Android Market.

Pain Points/Needs:

Adaptive Learning; Educational Search; Language Learning; Learning Tools Interoperability; Lesson Plans


iOS, Android, WebDesktop


Registering on the platform is a cake walk. It begins with asking user which language they want to learn and which language they are familiar with. With many languages on board, and an incredibly user-friendly interface, you can select from languages such as Mandarin, Spanish and French but also Croatian, Urdu, Malay, Danish and many more. Next is to create an account with the platform and you’re good to go with it. The dashboard helps you keep track of all your progress after each lesson and exercise. To browse the library user can easily check the latest lessons published, Find lessons by categories or Get all lessons from a specific channel. The dashboard gives you a great summary of your current studies, your progress, your ranking, your experiences, and a quick access to all our features.

The available features on the left panel of the dashboard are access to words, tips to strengthen the language being learned, latest lessons, channels, categories to pick from, creating playlists & notes and more.


Lingolistic operates on a Freemium platform, giving the chance to anyone to improve a language for free. From beginners to the advanced learner, Lingolistic promises to become the most entertaining way to enhance a language online.


The tool is apt to be used by students and people who already know a language among the offered language and are willing to learn more.

Our Review:

In our opinion Lingolistic is a great free language learning platform in which users learn and improve their skills with YouTube Videos integrated in a redefined way. Site features include a very special dashboard to keep track of learning progress and history of the lessons practiced, create price or public playlists to share and compete with other language learners from all over the world to keep the user motivated throughout. All the lingoholics must give this platform a try and check out for themselves. 


Below is a Spanish lesson from the platform that will help you understand more about the pedagogy of the tool.

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