DreamBox Learning - Intelligent Adaptive Math Learning

DreamBox Learning - Intelligent Adaptive Math Learning

Description:-DreamBox Learning  is an online math learning system designed for grades K-5, where students can learn and practice important mathematical concepts.

Pain Point/Need:-

  • Online Math Learning System
  • Adaptive Mathematics Learning Platform




Usability:For getting started,educators need to provide their School ID so that the platform can authorizethemproperly.While signing in,theplatformallowsusers to choose theirroleasparentsoreducatorsso that they can utilizetheplatform’s defined role features. Also the platform prompts theusersto pick an avatar for their personal profile/character. After choosing an avatar,usersneedtocheckout a tutorial on‘how to use the mouse’.Oncompleting this, they enter a world of animation and learning. There’s a proper curriculum designed for educators which allows them to see upcoming tasks. Also progress is monitored by a management systemwhichtracks a child's progress and controls the difficulty, hints and speed of the lessons. Since the lessons are designed and delivered in Flash, educators can run them from anywhere without any downloads or installations. With rewards and badgesfor good performers,theplatform maintains competitiveness amongst students.


  • 14-day free trial is also available.
  • Home subscriptions cost $12.95/month (one child) and $19.95/month (up to 4 children).

Our Review:DreamBox Learning is an online math learning platform with over 720 lessons or learning unitsavailable on a subscription basis. The Platform has an intuitive UI that adapts totheindividualstudentneeds by monitoring not only the rights and wrongs, but also the time taken by a student to solve a problem. The platform allows parents to view detailed information about their child’s progress through the Parent Dashboard and also with a parent’s newsletter provided byit.To maintain competitiveness amongst students, rewards and badges can be earned by those who perform well. One of the good features isthereporting system forparentswhichupdatesthemwith an email whenever theirchild completes any kind of milestone in the system. With learning concepts presented and explained through simple games,theplatform creates curiosityandinterestin students to learn quicklyand more which is good forthem specially at K-5 grade levels.

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