Blubbr - Play & Create Video Trivia Games

Blubbr - Play & Create Video Trivia Games
Description:- Blubbr is a free website that lets you create and play quiz games from YouTube videos.

Pain point/Need:-

  1. Online Quiz Creation
  2. Online Video based quiz

Platform:- Web

Usability:- For getting started, users need to create an account by 

signing in through social networking sites like Facebook/ Twitter or by filling up a simple sign up form. After login, educators can search for desired quizzes and videos by using the search bar. Also, for a refined search educators can use the ‘explore’ tab to search for Trivs (Videos with a Quizzes)from the defined categories such as Education, Tech & Science, People and Blogs etc. To create a quiz on Blubbr the user needs to enter a topic for their quiz. After entering the topic, the platform asks the user to search for a video regarding that topic. In the left panel, Blubbr generates a list of videos related to the keyword provide) by the user. After selecting a video, the user can crop it to a length, they find suitable for writing and answering multiple choice questions. After submitting the questions, users can sort their Trivs based on the Trivs created, played, and saved as drafts. Also for collaboration, users can share their trivs on social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Prices: - Free

Our Review: - Blubbr is a good web tool that allows educators to create quizzes from YouTube videos easily. With an easy and intuitive UI, teachers can create interactive video quizzes (Trivs) for their students containing questions with multiple choices which are put up for the students to answer while the video clip is being played. Also by utilizing the ‘search’ functionality, educators can browse for different video categories provided by Blubbr. One of the good features is that, educators can use multiple quizzes in a single video for better understanding and learning. Also being an open platform and easy to use, students and teachers can develop trivs on any topic to create interactive assignments, projects etc. For kindergarten teachers, Blubbr is an excellent tool by which they can create as many video quizzes they like, to make learning more interesting and effective for the kids.

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