Analytics on Student Learning Made Easy with Kiddom

Analytics on Student Learning Made Easy with Kiddom

Kiddom helps teachers curate personalized learning experiences, by integrating content, curriculum, communication, and analytics in one platform.

Helps in utilizing third-party content and save time as it doesn’t recreate the wheel. With hands on this tool user can dedicate more time to making richer, more engaging assessments. It makes beautiful, actionable reports provide holistic class and student achievement profiles. Also, one can search, assign, and evaluate with ease.

Pain Points/Needs:

Charts; Classroom Management; Common Core Standards; Data Portability; Exercises & Worksheets; Online Courses; Open Educational Resources; Student Assessments; Video Content

Platform: iOS, Web


Teachers begin using Kiddom by logging in and entering in student information to create an online class profile. From the assignments dashboard, teachers choose an assignment or lesson from an online partner program such as Khan Academy, CK-12, or upload their own and assign it to students.

Students use Kiddom first by logging in to their profile and viewing assignments. They then complete the lesson or assignment as determined by the assigned curriculum program, or use Google Apps to respond to teacher-created prompts. Using the messaging tool, students and teachers message each other regarding assignments. Both teachers and students view reporting graphics of student progress and performance from their homepage feed. From the ‘Class Mastery’ dashboard, teachers monitor individual student mastery of specific content standards. Teachers assign individual students supplementary assignments based off of student performance.

Pricing: Completely Free

Usability: There are a variety of ways to utilize Kiddom for your classroom:

As a robust gradebook:

Any assignment you assign to your class can be added to Kiddom’s gradebook. When you grade the assignment, your mastery reports will automatically update to give you the information and analytics you need to assess class performance, individual student needs, and content to spiral back in, etc.

If your students made Kiddom student accounts, they'll receive a notification every time you add an assignment, grade an assignment, or make a comment on one of their assignments. These notifications helps keep students informed and held accountable.

As an assignment sharing platform:

The Google Drive integration allows user to send and share Google Drive docs directly with the students (be careful: this works best if the students sign up with Gmail accounts). Kiddom’s Google Drive integration creates a unique "copy" of the Google Drive document for each student, providing them with their own copy. User may access these documents via the assignment menu or directly from the Google Drive.

As a blended learning / flipped classroom platform:

Utilize the content integrations with CK-12 and Khan Academy, both free content providers. With these integrations, educators can assign students content directly from CK-12/Khan Academy from Kiddom. The students will receive a link to the assignment and complete the work online. Once completed, Kiddom seamlessly pulls students’ scores from CK-12/Khan’s databases back into Kiddom’s gradebook. Teachers may also assign video lectures and practices to students who require remediation or seek enrichment. Content integrations free teachers up from having to retype achievement scores from other content providers into their gradebooks. In addition, it saves teachers from having to “recreate the wheel” over and over again by leveraging pre-made, standards-aligned assessments.

Our Review:

Our word for the educators is to must try the platform and experience the amazing features it offers. With capability to connect students and educators easily and providing them an easier way to function together on various projects, Kiddom is one good tool to be incorporated in the learning and teaching practices.


Get a feel of the platform from the video below:

Check out the platform and share your experiences with us in the comment section below. 

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