Enjoy eBooks with Soundtrack - Explore Booktrack Classroom

Enjoy eBooks with Soundtrack - Explore Booktrack Classroom

Believing that movies are loved by all, a little touch of the same to reading can be too much fun. 

Booktrack is one such platform that enables this addition in a very cool way. E-books have gained a lot of likability in last few years. Integrating sound in e-books makes one good combination as the digital resource developed aids student with their learning needs.

The fascinating Booktrack app lets you add soundtracks to books that you write or to download books with soundtrack.  Booktrack Classroom allows students to read eBooks with a movie-style soundtrack, or to create their own soundtrack for any story, essay or other text. Students can also create and publish their own Booktracks, reading them on the web or on mobile phones and tablets.

This research on Booktrack gives some interesting stats on the performance and results of the user. Check it out!

A very interesting research study found:

Virtually all subjects performed moderately to significantly better on information retention tests after using Booktrack’s enhanced platform than they did after reading the same text on an unenhanced ebook reader.

Subjects reported a strong correlation between interacting with the enhanced platform and their ability to focus on the text at hand.

Subjects reported that texts read with sound accompaniment were considerably more clear and easy to follow than identical texts read without sound.

Subjects reported largely positive reactions to the soundtrack’s transformative qualities, defining the enhanced reading experience as more cinematic and linear.

How to go about it:

Students have the choice of reading existing books from publishers on Booktrack’s marketplace, or creating their own books.

To create their own book , they simply have to insert text and then sounds, which include Music (e.g. Adventure or Horror), Ambience (e.g. sounds of the street or rivers) and Effects (e.g. sounds of gun shots or footsteps). Students highlight the part of text they want to insert the sound into, choose from different categories and listen to samples of those soundtracks. Once they have chosen all sounds needed, they can publish their book for others to read.

Booktrack Classroom is available on the modern browser, as well as on native iPhone, iPad and Android-based smartphone and pad apps.

Individual book prices vary, depending on the author. The price of each book is either free or usually under $10.

Booktrack can be used in a variety of ways to engage with students.

Below are just a few examples:

Narrative Writing – Students add music and audio to their original stories.

Informative and Explanatory Writing – Students compose essays and articles selecting suitable audio to accompany their text.

Literature Study – Students gain insight and increased understanding of the text by creating their own soundtracks for novels, stories, and plays they are reading in class.

Read-Aloud – Teacher and student led read-alouds are enhanced through the addition of sound and music to the chapter or act being presented.

In addition to this, Booktrack has assembled a variety of free lesson plans for students at the elementary, middle and high school levels, covering a variety of subjects and learning outcomes. All lesson plans have been created by professional teachers and conform to CORE standards and best practice.

Check out the platform tutorial from the video!

Share your experience with the tool in the comment section below.

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