How OnPowerWeb Stands Out in Helping Students Create Impressive Online Profiles

With things getting digitized on a fast pace it is important to record and showcase the various activities students involve in on a regular basis.

Showcasing talents and achievements on one platform in a creative and informative manner can help students in the long run. OnPowerWeb is a great platform that provides all the needed features that help students in creating an online profile to make an impact. This tool helps students, institutes and parents in a lot of ways.

Enabling an OnPowerWeb Yearbook for the educational institution helps the administration to showcase the students, faculty and alumni on a single platform. Link out to each profile from the yearbook and share and view each other’s achievements, accolades and progress through the journey of life.

Students, Faculty, and Alumni get a chance to keep a tab on each other’s work lives, as well as share their profiles for any opportunity that comes their way. The educational institution uses its OnPowerWeb Yearbook as a central hub to showcase its student’s strengths, talents and accomplishments.

Below is a detailed review of the tool for your better understanding. Check it out!

Pain Points/Needs:

Individualized Education Program; Portfolio Creators; Digital Documentation; Positive Digital Footprint; Professional Development; Student Assessments; Student Information Systems; Student Organizers; Timeline Creators; Student Website Builders

Compatible Platform:

Web, Desktop, Android, iOS


After an easy sign up the user is directed to the dashboard where all the work begins. The left panel of the screen mentions all the options that user gets. Update your profile information accordingly. There are options to connect the social media sites, create resume, add certifications, projects, activities, awards; mention of the awards, update the bucketlist; adding pictures to the gallery and more. Make your profile as attractive and informative as you wish to. Also, the better your profile is the better it gets certified. There are three certificates i.e. Silver, Gold and Platinum. A minimum number of activities must be added to the profile to get a hold of any of the certificates and upgrade with your performance on the platform. The volume and quality of content is directly related to the certificate attained by the user.   


The image above is that of the student dashboard. This is the look of the dashboard of the platform where the student will be doing most of the things. The theme, color, images and feel of the dashboard can be customized as per the users’ preference. There are various layouts that can be used by the user. On the left panel, user can access all the various features being offered and make changes as required. On right top corner there is a switch to logout and as you can see the center mentions of a lot of activities, settings, details, projects and more that users can update. Users can rename their website sections, and also toggle them on or off if they don’t want to display something on their website.

Pricing of the tool:

Pricing is country specific and slab based.

Pricing for India is as follows for number of students:

Student Slab: Price per student per annum

50-100: INR 2200

100-150: INR 2000

150-200: INR 1800

200-500: INR 1500

500+:  INR 1000


OnPowerWeb Benefits to the Educators:

- An Annual Yearbook: The digital Institution yearbook links to all its student profiles and is open for sharing with students, teachers and parents.

- OnPowerWeb Curriculum: Their impressive curriculum is weekend based and fun to follow. It is designed in a way that interfaces with the students and leaves no burden on the institution. In fact this can be incorporated as a part of the IT curriculum of the school program.

- A Scope to Increase Placements: Institution can share profiles for entries for opportunities such as internships, conferences, exchange programs, evaluation of talent etc.

- Certification: Students will earn OnPowerWeb certification once they build their profile websites. The certification is given at three levels of Silver, Gold and Platinum based on the volume and quality of content they update on their profile.

- Review and Sharing: The OnPowerWeb online yearbook for the institution enables the faculty, parents and students to review profiles of all the students from the present as well as the past (Alumni).

- Skills Enhancement: Institution career counselors can help students’ fine tune and brush up their profiles to make for impressive applications for further studies and job opportunities.

- Establishes you as a Pioneer: OnPowerWeb is a very forward-looking technological initiative and it helps define an institution as a pioneer in student website & portfolio building.

OnPowerWeb Benefits to the Students:

- Discover Oneself: Student gets to discover their strengths and projects them digitally to share with peers, family, friends and outsiders as and when an opportunity arises.

- Consolidate the Work: Students can consolidate all their projects, documents, participation in a single location which is then accessible globally from any location.

- Increase the chances of selection: With personal website students have an edge over others with only a resume.

- Retain your website for life: Students can build, maintain and retain their website for the rest of their life. Over the years, a large repository of content will be built up.

- Digitalizing: OnPowerWeb will digitalize all your documents including Certificates, Academic records and Participation etc. also, it helps students have a positive digital reputation in comparison to other various social media platforms that are actively being used by students.

- Let thy thoughts be heard: This is just the right place to speak out the thoughts. OnPowerWeb enables students to feed, record and the activity log or the website blog which helps them in expressing and showcasing their talents.

- Large Repository: The sooner a student starts to work on building a portfolio, the sooner s/he will have a large repository of impressive projects, pictures, videos etc.

- Preparation in Advance: Students does not have to scramble for collecting the achievements when a good opportunity comes up as they are always armed and prepared with a good portfolio/profile.

The platform is great for students to record all the activities, achievement and showcase them in a very creative manner. The student uses the product to document his achievements under headings like:

Participation, Activity, Awards, Travel, Bucket List, Certificates/Documents, Blog, Photo Gallery etc. Each students profile is listed within his grade within the school’s yearbook which is an online location. For Parents and Peers, students’ parents can all see a student’s achievements through his personal website which the student can maintain throughout his life. For institutions, it’s a great way to help students fall into the habit of using digital technologies in the best and efficient way. With a platform like OnPowerWeb, students involve in many online activities but the way these activities are conducted helps them in having a positive digital footprint. Instead of engaging on various social media sites that really doesn’t bring out anything productive for students, it’s better to create a profile that will have a positive impact on their lives. Also, institutions can track down the profiles of the alumni if they ever need to. A typical student profile would look like this:

Check out this sample yearbook of American School of Dubai to get a better understanding of what exactly the tool is providing.

Our Review:

In our opinion, this is a great platform for students. The user-friendly interface and the availability of multiple activities doesn’t limit the usage of the platform. The user also gets the ease of altering activities as per their needs hence it is a great way to be engaged online and create a profile that will last a lifetime. The best part is the authenticity of the content that is being posted by the user. Students can add videos and images to support each and every addition they make hence the proof of the activity is attached to the mention of it. Also, the platform has a positive impact on the students as it engages them in digital activities in a positive manner unlike other social media sites that have many ill effects on the students. For institutions and parents, the tool works just fine as they can easily track down the performance of students and their peers.

We definitely recommend the incorporation of this tool within educational institutions, as with hands on usage of this tool, students can learn a lot and go a long way.  

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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