Developing Apps Made Easy for Students with hyperPad

Developing Apps Made Easy for Students with hyperPad

Being able to create apps and games is the new thing every youngster wants to do.

Adding a little educational value to the same can be beneficial to students. With advent of technology, it is easier for educators to incorporate such pedagogies that require students to work on the various skills they possess and polish them in many ways to climb up the ladder. hyperPad, formerly GamePress, which is a free app available for the iPad teaches children and novices how to code through a visual app development system. In 2013, they were awarded Y Combinator’s prestigious accelerator program and began working with several schools to help teachers use the app to better educate students in STEM related fields.

Pain Points/Needs:

Computer Programming; Digital Storytelling Creators; Game-Based Learning


The platform is compatible with iOS and can only be used on iPad.


hyperPad really pushes the limits of what the iPad is capable of. It's an iPad app that allows you to create your own interactive apps like mobile games, then export and publish them to the App Store as native apps! The platform requires you to simply register with the basic details and create a hyperpad account and you’re good to go. Opt for the version you are interested in using among the various options available.

The distinct features it offers are mentioned below. Have a look:

Powerful Visual Behaviors:

With the amazing visual behavior user can easily connect actions and events to create a flowchart of the app's logic. The powerful behaviors can be used to create a wide variety of apps ranging from mobile games to interactive books.

- Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface: Create amazing apps without writing a single line of code. The flowchart of actions and events makes it easy to construct your app’s logic.

- Object Based: Every object in your scene can have its own behaviors. You can manipulate individual objects, or groups of objects with tags.

- Motion Tweens: Create animations with motion based behaviors. Choose from 18 popular tweening options like linear, bounce, sine, and more!

Robust Engine:

The apps created with hyperPad are powered by the most popular graphics and physics engines. Your creations share the same robust engine used by the most popular mobile games and interactive apps.

- Cocos2D: It is a powerful and robust graphics engine capable of handling a wide variety of objects, animations, and effects.

- Chipmunk Physics: Add Chipmunk’s rigid body physics to your app with no coding. Create apps ranging from physics simulations to games like Angry Birds.

- 60 FPS: All your projects are capable of running at 60 FPS, calling all animations, effects and movements to be buttery smooth.


There is a free model, as well as 3 other tier levels: Indie, Developer, and Education tier.


The teachers can use hyperPad in order to teach the fundamental logic systems of coding with the easy to use drag-and-drop interface. hyperPad also includes an in-app community called the hyperPad Hub, where user can access, explore and learn from the apps and games created by users from around the world!

Our Review:

In our opinion, hyperPad is a nice tool to instill youngsters and help then explore the various concepts of STEM education. The fun interface enables then to create apps and games that further helps them to explore more about the IT languages. Without a single line of code, user can easily make a hit like Angry Birds. Their easy to use drag and drop behavior editor removes the need for traditional programming, while still providing you with all the power you need to make a professional quality app for the App Store. We recommend educators to try this app and introduce students to this app so that they can also create apps on their own and explore their creativity.

Share your experiences of the app with us in the comment section below. 

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