iPad App 'Freggers Play' to Introduce Thought Patterns of Coding to Kids

iPad App 'Freggers Play' to Introduce Thought Patterns of Coding to Kids

Games are the best way to keep kids engaged and make them learn.

The iPad app “Freggers Play” is now aiming to introduce kids as young as 5 years old to the thought patterns of coding.

With Freggers Play, learning how to code can be easy as pie. You can tell stories with animated animals and characters or invent your own games. Or you just have fun building in 3D and at the same time improve creativity and spatial imagination. With its many possibilities the award-winning app inspires girls and boys of almost every age. The app offers an affectionately designed high-resolution 3D-art and the complex technology of a professional game engine (Unity) wrapped in simplicity, enabling little future developers to tell stories or create their own movies and games - without lessons, without scoring, 100% free play and room for own ideas.

Pain Points/Needs:

Adaptive Learning; Computer Programming; Digital Storytelling Creators; Game-Based Learning; Interactive Simulations; Learning Tools Interoperability; Modeling Tools; Virtual Worlds


Compatible with iOS.


Before you enter the world of Freggers Play, you’ll have to choose a scenery from the backdrops available, and you’ll start out in a world ready to be enlivened. Since it is your world, you can do whatever you please with it, customize it, populate it, build houses in it, arrange story lines and actions to be executed making them look like a movie. Basically just do what you would do on an adventure playground without any limits and the way you want it to be.

As there are several backdrops available in the game though, there are multiple different sceneries for you to explore and to customize such as an Asian landscape, a Western setting or a secret island. There’s just so much to see that you’ll be busy for a good bit of time just exploring all what this world has to offer.


Get all actions, all worlds, three complete sets with unlimited number of figures and items for free; additional sets can be purchased in-app. The free model comes with 3 backdrops and 42 objects; optional sets with 21 objects are available for $ 1,99.


Teachers can use the Freggers Play app on a school iPad for brightening up class with "a game within" or by launching an official joint project like "We code a game" or "We create an animated movie" that can be saved and resumed any time until considered done. The Students can "work" unhurriedly at home using their own iPads playing around with their ideas and later share their results in class - maybe even merge them to the joint project. And parents are assured their kids don't "waste time with some useless first-person shooter" and maybe even join their youngsters for coding something together.


• Children’s Media Award “The White Elephant”

• Two funding for exceptional educational game concepts.


• "Freggers Play offers children a variety of wonderful tools with which they can become an author, actor or director by realizing their own stories. This is perfect edutainment.“ - Gabriele Pfennigsdorf (Member of the Jury of the Children’s Media Award)

• "A programming game for kids and teens where girls and boys alike can have fun, is an enrichment for every family. At the same time it fulfills an important social function, namely introducing girls and boys to the basic skill of the future: coding.“ - Dr. Michaela Haberlander (FilmTelevisionFond)

Our Review:

Freggers is a great virtual world with lots to see and lots to do. It’s like a combination of all the good things in a virtual world game with lot of learning to offer. We recommend this game as an added source of learning for the kids.  


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